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The ‘You Lie’ rifle part

Here’s another bridge of Republican politics and weapons. A South Carolina weapons maker was selling semi-automatic rifle parts with the inscription “You Lie”.  The phrase was made famous when Republican congressman Joe Wilson attempted, in Conservative fashion, to shout down the President during  presidential address.  High school children have more decorum and class than Joe Wilson.  And from the party that railed on how saying you’re embarrassed by Bush is unforgiveable and means that you hate America…it’s hypocrisy of the highest order. Had a Democrat done that during a Bush speech the reaction from Conservatives would…well that’s another story. 

So since it was a Conservative doing the complaining, and not being done to a Conservative, it was of course heroic (and not hypocritical).  And in another example of anti-Democrat views tied to guns or threats…it was immediately inscribed on semi-automatic parts. 

Last night on MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said, “what other message could we take from having ‘you lie’ on a weapon, a statement that was thrown at President Obama.”

Boxer went on to mention a sticker for sale, that has already been sold out, depicting a donkey — the symbol of the Democratic party — shot five times. The sticker has the words “Liberal Hunting License” written above the donkey and “No Bag Limit” below.

Ultimately, while conservatives frantically defend their hateful rhetoric in the aftermath of the Arizona shooting, Wilson’s “you lie” assault rifle is a good reminder of how low they’ve sunk.

Joe Wilson at Palmetto Armory

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Republican Hysteria

It’s good to see the affirmation that it’s not “just a few” Republicans on the fringe who are behaving hysterically.  It’s not just the foaming pundits on Fox ‘news’.  It’s not just Rush and the neo-con shock-jocks.  It’s not just the people at Palin’s gatherings.  It’s a trait found all the way at the top of the party. From Joe Wilson’s outburst during the televised presidential address to Texas Representative Randy Neugebauer’s outburst during the televised session of the House this weekend.  

On Saturday, 03/20 Republicans gathered at the United States Capital building to wait for our elected officials to arrive so they could hurl insults and racial slurs at them.  On Sunday, 03/21, the Republican leadership said it’s just a few people, nothing to worry about, and the Republican leadership does not approve.  But they do approve and those at the top of the party act the same way when someone disagrees with them – shouting them down or hurling insults.  Later that same day – still 03/21 – a Republican party member stood in the chamber of the House and hollered baby-killer…to a leading anti-abortionist.  That’s hysterical behavior. 

It’s ridiculous because (a) the target of this completely out-of-line outburst by this Republican was a well-established anti-abortion voice in the House, but mainly (b) it’s ridiculous because the vote was not about the legality of abortion.  One way – or the other – the legality of abortion remains the same. 

The party of “No” is like a child in a grocery store.  It stomps its feet.  It yells and it screams.  It gets hysterical.

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Rob Miller vs Joe Wilson

Let me introduce Rob Miller – he is the guy running against the loud-mouth Joe Wilson (R-SC).

According to the AP, backlash against Republican Joe Wilson (attempting to shout down the President’s address to Congress) has led to $750,000 in donations to his Democratic opponent Rob Miller. 

 Hypothetical: Had a Democratic Congressman done this last year (I know, but just pretend)…had a Democrat done this to a Republican President, the conservatives would have him painted as an American-hating traitor, yes?  

Consider donating $5 to Rob Miller:

I hope Joe Wilson loses his seat in Congress! 

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Mobs, Death Wishes, Terrorism

It’s pathetic to see how just a few years ago dissenting against the Republican President was “un-American” but now that a Democrat is President, Republican Senators apparently feel comfortable interrupting a televised address to a joint session of Congress, screaming at the President in the middle of a speech.  What’s so great about your leadership skills, Joe Wilson?  A member of the United States House of Representatives and you can’t maintain a manner of decorum during a presidential address. 

“There are also those who claim that our reform effort will insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false — the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally,” Obama said.

Wilson (Republican, SC) answered the comment with his outburst, loud enough to be picked up on television and in such an unusually disruptive fashion as to merit reprimands from across the political spectrum.

House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn, a fellow South Carolinian, said Wilson’s heckling was more damaging to South Carolina’s reputation than the exploits of Republican Gov. Mark Sanford, who admitted to having an extramarital affair with an Argentinian woman.

“I thought he [the governor] had embarrassed us as much as we could be embarrassed. But to have a congressman use the floor of the House of Representatives in a joint session to insult the president the way Joe Wilson did is as embarrassing as anything anyone could think of,” Clyburn said. “Our state can do without this.”

This is more of the Republican Mob that we’ve seen lately.  “Shout down anyone who disagrees”.  “Anyone who dissents is wrong and their voices do not need to be heard”.  What’s next from Republicans – will we hear “Anyone who dissents is wrong and their voices should be silenced”? 

Unfortunately, we are already hearing that.  And not from lunatics preaching from a cardboard box – but from from the leaders of Christian churches.


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