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A Desperate Move

Palin can’t hold a candle to Hillary.  Palin is out of her depth.  2nd in line for Presidency of the USA.  President of the Senate.  Heavy role in USA’s foreign relations dealing with strong foreign leaders.  Wow – talk about unqualified…  Talk about pandering to the voter…  She’s not VP material. 

The statement from the National Organization for Women (NOW):

August 29, 2008

Statement of NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy on the Selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s Vice Presidential Pick

Sen. John McCain’s choice of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate is a cynical effort to appeal to disappointed Hillary Clinton voters and get them to vote, ultimately, against their own self-interest.

Gov. Palin may be the second woman vice-presidential candidate on a major party ticket, but she is not the right woman. Sadly, she is a woman who opposes women’s rights, just like John McCain.

The fact that Palin is a mother of five who has a 4-month-old baby, a woman who is juggling work and family responsibilities, will speak to many women. But will Palin speak FOR women? Based on her record and her stated positions, the answer is clearly No.

In a gubernatorial debate, Palin stated emphatically that her opposition to abortion was so great, so total, that even if her teenage daughter was impregnated by a rapist, she would “choose life” — meaning apparently that she would not permit her daughter to have an abortion.

Palin also had to withdraw her appointment of a top public safety commissioner who had been reprimanded for sexual harassment, although Palin had been warned about his background through letters by the sexual harassment complainant.

What McCain does not understand is that women supported Hillary Clinton not just because she was a woman, but because she was a champion on their issues. They will surely not find Sarah Palin to be an advocate for women.

Sen. Joe Biden is the VP candidate who appeals to women, with his authorship and championing of landmark domestic violence legislation, support for pay equity, and advocacy for women around the world.

Finally, as the chair of NOW’s Political Action Committee, I am frequently asked whether NOW supports women candidates just because they are women. This gives me an opportunity to once again answer that question with an emphatic ‘No.’ We recognize the importance of having women’s rights supporters at every level but, like Sarah Palin, not every woman supports women’s rights.

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Palin – Zero years in Washington and less than two years in state government. Isn’t a VP the 2nd in command and needs to be prepared to be the Comander-in-Chief (especially considering John’s age)? Is this a flip flop, pandering, or hypocrisy?

Thanks McCain! I was worried you might pick a good candidate for VP, but I underestimated your power to make the wrong decision. I’m feeling much better about the election.

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Bill and the PUMA’s

Here’s a short and good ‘un from Jack Cafferty: 

It’s not like [the Clintons] have been bending over backwards to help Obama get elected. Bill Clinton has barely been polite. He couldn’t even bring himself to say he thought Obama is qualified to be president. Now, Bill Clinton is reportedly not happy about the topic of his speech Wednesday night. reports the former president wanted to talk about the economy under President Bush compared to his accomplishments during his term in office. The theme for Wednesday night is “Securing America for the 21st Century.” It seems Bill Clinton is forever more interested in reminding us of what a charming guy he was while in office than in acting like one of the leaders of his party and trying to get his party into the White House.

Kind of sad, really.

Yet, Obama’s people have gone out of their way to accommodate the Clintons this week in the hopes of achieving party unity. Obama told reporters on Monday that former President Clinton could speak about anything he likes.

Some of Hillary Clinton’s supporters had threatened to disrupt the proceedings if their candidate wasn’t shown the proper amount of respect. They’re called PUMAs, an acronym for “Party Unity My Ass.” They appear to be a humorless lot who cannot come to terms with the fact that the country didn’t want Hillary Clinton to be president. So they have been throwing a hissy fit ever since the primaries ended.

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Why Save Cord Blood, Part I

Cord Blood contains stem cells and is free of the politics of embryonic stem cells.  So, does cord blood banking really even work?  Take a look at Chloe Levine: 

In the near future, cord blood will no longer be trashed.  But for now it’s up to you to decide if you want to keep it or trash it.  Watch the movie above and think about the cost to insure one car for one year (about the same – maybe even more than the cost of banking your child’s cord blood). 

Here’s another story, Dallas Hextell: 

Diseases that can be treated with stem cells:

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Lost Count of Million Dollar Homes

Presidential hopeful John McCain can’t remember how many multi-million dollar homes he has. 

The media questioned McCain yesterday about just how many multimillion dollar homes he owns. And just what was McCain’s response? “I think – I’ll have my staff get to you,” he said. “It’s condominiums where – I’ll have them get to you.”

The fact that McCain couldn’t remember how many mansions he has proves how elitist and divorced from economic reality he truly is. That’s why McCain admitted economics is not his strongest suit, and why he offered a budget plan that would create the largest debt in our country since World War II. That’s why he proposed tax hikes on employer-based health care, doesn’t know the price of gas, and has no appreciation for the struggles of hard-working Americans facing foreclosure.

This reminds me of when George Bush, Sr. didn’t know the price of a carton of milk or how to use a supermarket checkout counter machine. It was a story the media seized because it illustrated just how out of touch a candidate could be on the economy.

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New team

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Caught With Crocs

Celebrities caught – wearing Crocs! 

The name accurately describes the site:

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Obama – Right Again

GOP agrees with Obama’s goals, flip flops on time tables. 

“Setting a deadline for withdrawal is setting a date for failure”
   — George Bush, May 2007

August 2008…not so much.  Bush & Rice are meeting to set up (wait for it…)  a time table for withdrawal. Hmm.  I’ve heard that idea before from one of the parties.  And I’ve heard it criticized by another party.  Flip Flop Flip Flop.  And McCain?  During most of his campaign, Mr. McCain opposed timetables and fervently criticized Obama for his Iraq plan, painting Barack as un-American. 

John McCain: flip-flopper extrordinaire. 

Today, Bush is making plans for a June 30, 2009 withdrawal.  A date previously ridiculed by the GOP. 
Looks like Barack’s message is reaching the Republicans.

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