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That’s ‘so’ Conservative

The Kentucky Senate, reacting to a divisive comment by Republican Rand Paul, has adopted a resolution declaring any form of discrimination to be inconsistent with American values.

Neal, Kentucky’s only black state senator, said he took personal offense at the comment made last week by Republican Rand Paul, a U.S. Senate candidate, who was….(wait for it….wait for it)….criticizing the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
(Criticizing the Civil Rights Act.  Un….be….lievable.  Oh – he’s a Republican?  Well…it’s hard to argue that that’s believable.  Not all conservatives are like this.  But if you show me a white person who critizes equal rights regardless of skin color – and I’ll show you a conservative/Republican). 

Paul said in an MSNBC interview that the federal government shouldn’t have the power to force restaurants to serve minorities if business owners don’t want to.  (You suppose his grandkids want to stick to that belief as white people become a minority?)

Neal said Paul’s “extreme belief” has made Kentucky “a laughingstock”. 

From the Civil Rights era – Here’s a liberal view on the topic:  
Now let’s here from a conservative elected to the US Senate for a resounding 8 consecutive terms (1954 to 2003): 

Lewis C.K. has a funny comment about going to the future (at 1:30):

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