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Credit Agencies Screwing Americans

Good article by By Liz Pulliam Weston on MSN Money: 

After years of inaction and neglect, Washington is finally getting serious about protecting people from abusive credit card practices. Consider:

  • President Barack Obama last week summoned credit card executives to the White House and signaled that credit card reform is on his agenda.




In February, I wrote about how Experian suddenly had decided not to sell FICO scores to consumers anymore, although it continues to sell the scores to lenders. That decision, which has yet to be challenged by regulators or lawmakers, conceals from consumers a vital piece of their credit information.

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Wildlife Grant for WildEarth Guardians

Please go to this site and vote for WildEarth Guardians in the “Greater Outdoors” project!  The WildEarth Guardians are a FOUR STAR charity (out of four stars) at Charity Navigator (a top auditor of charitable organizations).   Hundreds of charities applied to win the $50,000 (that’s a lot of green!) and the list has been narrowed down to just a few charities – and the WildEarth Guardians (formerly the Forest Guardians) is on the short list! Please help vote, we just have until May 31st.  You can help this charity w/o having to send money – just a couple of clicks! 

Vote here now (and every day) and/or text message “earth” to 39668!

It only takes a minute.  You can vote more than once and you can do it w/o getting any junk mail (there’s a checkbox to make sure you don’t get any extra email, or you can use a fake address. 

We are in the Running… But We Haven’t Won Yet!


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The Republican View



A look at some of the most successful voices in the Republican party over Obama’s first 100 days.  I’m not talking about no-names on the fringe that we’ve never heard of.  I’m talking about the top people on big networks with big contracts.  I would be ashamed to be a part of this group.


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Republican Secession

“We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. (you know what’s coming next).  But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that. But Texas is a very unique place, and we’re a pretty independent lot to boot,” Perry said Wednesday.

What kind of dumb-shit America-hating secret muslim said that? 


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Earth Day 2009

Get your Earth Day on!  It’s one of the few planet-wide celebrations.  There are no ties to a country of origin or membership in a certain religion.  There’s no shopping, no gifting, no decorating, no traveling.  It’s a good ‘un! 

On Earth Day 2009, the movie “Earth” opens.  The trailer looks awesome!

Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009.  The Kaboose link above has lots of good info & activities for Earth Day.


Send free Earth Day Cards from the World Wildlife Fund:

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Secretary Salazar: Stop Bush’s Midnight Massacre

Ask Interior Secretary Salazar to Stop Bush’s Midnight Massacre

Dear Guardian,

We have less than 23 days to convince Interior Secretary Ken
Salazar to protect critically endangered plants and animals,
from polar bears and gray wolves to silvery minnows and

Just before the clock struck midnight, the Bush Administration
finalized a series of industry-friendly regulations that strip
away protection for endangered species. Now you can help turn
back the clock and undo them:

On March 11, President Barack Obama signed a law that gives the
Interior Secretary authority to overturn two of the worst Bush
administration rules that weakened the Endangered Species Act
and put our nation’s imperiled wildlife at greater risk of

One regulation cuts expert wildlife agencies, including the Fish
and Wildlife Service, out of their oversight role to protect
endangered species. Another exempts greenhouse gases from being
considered as a threat to the polar bear, which is suffering
from the climate crisis.

With this opportunity, Secretary Salazar could reinstate the
Fish and Wildlife Service’s ability to check the actions of
other federal agencies to protect endangered species, and
provide full protection for the polar bear – but he only has
until May 9, 2009.

Don’t let the Bush Administration’s midnight massacre be the
last word for endangered plants and animals.

Join us in calling for Secretary Salazar to use every tool in
the toolbox – including the Endangered Species Act – to address
the climate crisis:  

Imperiled mammals, fish, butterflies, frogs, wildflowers, and
many other species need and deserve every chance at survival.

For the Wild,
Nicole Rosmarino
Wildlife Program Director
WildEarth Guardians

* P.S. Be sure to vote everyday for WildEarth Guardians in the
Redwood Creek Greater Outdoors Project. With your votes, we can
win $50,000 for river restoration. Remember, you can vote more
than once!

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Republican Governors Refusing Stimulus – II

This is great stuff:

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Republican Governors Refusing Stimulus – I

Rick Perry, Texas governor has stated that we would rather cut jobs and benefits for Texas residents and raise taxes on those residents, rather than receive stimulus money to help Texas balance its budget.  If Perry refuses it, it will be his last term and just like Republicans jumped ship after Bush, the same will happen in Texas.  As soon as the polling data comes back, he’ll take the money, no question about it.   


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Theocracy – Just Say No

Excellent article on Christian America: 
By Jon Meacham | NEWSWEEK
Published Apr 4, 2009
From the magazine issue dated Apr 13, 2009

While we remain a nation decisively shaped by religious faith, our politics and our culture are, in the main, less influenced by movements and arguments of an explicitly Christian character than they were even five years ago. I think this is a good thing—good for our political culture, which, as the American Founders saw, is complex and charged enough without attempting to compel or coerce religious belief or observance. It is good for Christianity, too, in that many Christians are rediscovering the virtues of a separation of church and state that protects what Roger Williams, who founded Rhode Island as a haven for religious dissenters, called “the garden of the church” from “the wilderness of the world.” As crucial as religion has been and is to the life of the nation, America’s unifying force has never been a specific faith, but a commitment to freedom—not least freedom of conscience. At our best, we single religion out for neither particular help nor particular harm; we have historically treated faith-based arguments as one element among many in the republican sphere of debate and decision. The decline and fall of the modern religious right’s notion of a Christian America creates a calmer political environment and, for many believers, may help open the way for a more theologically serious religious life. 

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