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Less smog is good

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday proposed stricter health standards for smog, replacing a Bush-era limit that ran counter to scientific recommendations.

Associated Press Writer

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Melting Ice Warning

Melting Ice Warning for the top & bottom….Greenland & Antartica ice is melting quickly! 



Check out this interactive site on ice in Antartica: 

Burning the Rain Forest

Burning the Rain Forest

And see this slideshow on Warming Signals.  For instance – burning the Amazon rain forest (yes, we’re still doing that).  We’re adding CO2 and reducing Earth’s tools to combat CO2…at the same time.,3032493&pg=1  

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Obama Reverses Anti-Enviromental Policy

“Obama has swiftly delivered on his campaign promise to reverse Bush’s anti-endangered species regulations,” Kieran Suckling, director of the Center for Biological Diversity, told “He has restored independent, scientific oversight to the heart of the Endangered Species Act.”

Sources said that today Barack Obama would eliminate one of Bush’s science-hating, typical Republican laws that reduced the protection for threatened and endangered species.

In December of 2008, as one of the Republican party’s last parting shots at the environment, the Bush administration decided to allow local agencies to determine on their own if their construction projects might harm animals and plants listed under the Endangered Species Act.

“The Bush-era rule reduces the mandatory, independent reviews government scientists have performed for 35 years. It also prohibits federal agencies from assessing a project’s contribution to global warming when they evaluate its effect on species.”

Prohibiting the government from attempting to minimize or reduce global warming…Thank Republicans!  No one else but you would make it illegal to try to care for our own home. 

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Eco-Worst Fish to Eat

Did you know that the Orange Roughy is the longest living fish – 149 years?  This slow-growing fish takes 20 years before it can reproduce.  

Did you know that wild Atlantic Salmon is on the Endgangered Species list? 

The 10 Eco-Worst Fish
Avoid these fish — eating them is not good for the ocean and, in many cases, your own health

Environmental Defense Fund 

This article lists what to avoid and substitute fish that are similar in taste and texture.  It also has a top 10 Eco-Best choices.

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Pay-to-Use, a Great Idea

Pay yourself for your own stuff?  A handy trick to save to your slush fund or emergency fund, and a way to reduce waste!  Here’s the bit – if you went to see a movie, you would pay someone $8.  With Pay-to-Use, you pay yourself a dollar for each hour of TV you watch at home.  If you didn’t use your washer you would pay a couple of bucks for each load of wash.  With this you pay yourself a dollar (or whatever amount you want).  Just put a small jar by the washer, TV, whatever and pay it each (and every) time. 

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