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School vouchers – one of the problems

Some greatest hits from a good piece on school vouchers and Republican Valerie Hodges (who clearly doesn’t put much thought into the laws she votes for in Louisiana).

Read the whole article here:

A member of the Louisiana House of Representatives who eagerly supported Gov. Bobby Jindal’s plan to fund private schools has had an epiphany: Muslim schools might start getting taxpayer money!

Hodges’ bigotry is perhaps only rivaled by her ignorance of constitutional and legal principles.


In Washington, D.C., where House Speaker John Boehner and his Republican allies in Congress have established a federally funded voucher program, most of the schools taking part are Catholic, but two Muslim schools have been among the recipients.

Some legislators aren’t comfortable funding Muslim schools. What’s to be done? How about not establishing these programs in the first place? Let Muslims fund Muslim schools. Let Catholics fund Catholics ones. Let fundamentalist Protestants pay for the conservative Christian academies and so on.

Rep. J. Rogers Pope, points out that the law allows students to be educated off campus and establishes no standards for what qualifies as meaningful education.

“This is impractical on so many levels,” said Pope, a conservative Republican. “What will a high school diploma from Louisiana mean, if nobody can list our courses? How will we verify course content, attendance, teacher qualifications, and testing?”

Welcome to the brave new world of school privatization!

In other states where vouchers have been implemented, we’ve seen a plethora of fly-by-night schools, schools whose leaders are more interested in making a quick buck than educating children and schools where the primary focus is making sure kids are indoctrinated in a particular form of religion, not offering them a sound education.

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Jeff Ellis Management gets an F

Overall, one of the stupider things we’ve seen in a while.  Jeff Ellis Management fired a lifeguard for trying to save a drowning person. But the part of this story that caught my eye was this:

Several coworkers said they quit in protest.

First off, that is an extremely strong show of “take this job and shove it”.  If you quit over this reason, mucho bravo to you!!  Perhaps you hated the way Jeff Ellis Management was run already, and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  But that doesn’t detract from quitting and citing this as the reason. Lots of people don’t like their jobs.  And regardless of how you felt, you didn’t quit – until this.  Good stuff.

If I’m the manager, and this situation gets brought to me, there’s no way I’m firing this kid.  I pass that on up the chain and tell them this is quite a situation and someone else will have to sign off.

Can you imagine if some attending doctor or an RN went out on his break for a bite to eat, and just as his break was ending, someone started having a [fill in the blank] and was dying – so the nurse stayed and saved the man, but was 20 minutes late getting back for his shift and so he got fired?

I know a lifeguard didn’t take the Hippocratic oath…but if a lifeguard sees someone drowning and that person is within his reach, you’re going to fire him for saving a life, huh?  And it never crossed that manager’s mind that it would be a bad decision. Never crossed that manager’s mind that the person he saved could have been the manager’s own [brother/sister/parent/child]?

The fact that the drowning person was swimming in a “swim at your own risk” area prevents him from sewing the city/county. But not getting up to help a drowning man because of it would not have protected the conscious of Tomas Lopez.

Now, two other lifeguards say they have also been fired over failing to agree with the company policy, and four others say they have quit in protest.

The president of the company Jeff Ellis Management, Jeff Ellis, could only confirm that one employee was let go, and as many as three have resigned, said Hallandale Beach spokesman Peter Dobens.

I would bet Jeff Ellis is getting a lot of cold shoulders from his friends.  I bet his mother would not be proud of him. I bet his kids are embarrassed by him.  I bet that if Jeff didn’t have a lot of money, he might not have a lot of friends, either.

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