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Never see ants the same way again:

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Fiscally Irresponsible, Part IV

Good one from Kim Peterson, below.  I am still in awe about the lack of accountability that was attached to these handouts.  The initial proposal sent down from the White House specifically stated that in addition to no accountablity, that even congressional oversight would not be permitted.  Here’s what Kim says:

How is it that an ATM can give my exact balance at any time, but banks can’t say what they did with $1 billion in bailout money?

Because no one forced them to. The government is handing out money like Halloween candy — no strings attached. No strict rules on what banks should do with the money or how they should account for it. Only after the fact did people see the money go to executive bonuses and other non-essentials.

Yet another uh-oh moment for the U.S. Treasury, which is getting raked over the coals for its incompetence by a congressional watchdog.   Read More…

Posted Jan 09 2009,  by Kim Peterson

Treasury Defends Bailout Bait & Switch
$50 billion of bailout going to employee bonuses
Fiscally Unsound Part II

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Boo Hoo.  It’s the media’s fault.  It’s Tina Fey’s fault. 

Today Palin is attacking the media’s “Very Scary” reporting of her.  WOW is that hypocritical after the fear-mongering campaign she ran and the things she said about Obama! 

But to think that Americans only find her ridiculous becuase of the media and not becuase of her own idiocy is… well, it’s ridiculous and idiotic.  She’s ridiculotic

It’s the media’s fault that I am ridiculous.  It’s the media’s fault that my town charges rape victims for rape kits.  (Source)

It’s the media’s fault that three times John McCain specifically critized my Wasilla earmarks and used them as examples of wasteful spending. Source

It’s the media’s fault I look foolish for proclaiming in that my “Abstinence Only” programs are the most effective way to combat teen pregnancy and keep our youth in high school and college, and then having my eldest daughter be a high-school dropout with a baby – and marry a redneck who’s also a high-school dropout.  Source  (Note: Levi was asked to resign from his job because that position requires…wait for it….wait for it……….a High School diploma!  Abstinence Only programs are awesome, Sarah! You must be so happy.)

It’s the media’s fault that I claimed I was experienced in foreign policy simply based on my street address, and without owning a passport until 2007.  At that point, I had met with zero foreign leaders or heads of state and I had travelled outside the USA only once.  Source and Source

It’s the media’s fault that not only do I not read any current events publications, but I cannot even name one of those publications. 

It’s the media’s fault that for 312 nights during my first 19 months in office that I charged the taxpayers a “per diem” totaling $16,951 for staying in my own home — an allowance intended to cover meals and incidental expenses while traveling on state business (Source)

It’s the media’s fault that not only do I permit the slaughter of wolves by chasing them with planes until they’re so exhausted that they fall down on the ground, but I also pay $150 for cutting off their leg and bringing me that prize. (Source) (If wolves can roam in Alaska…where can they live??)

It’s the media’s fault that I tried to ban books and fire librarians who stood up against government censorship (a la Middle East, China, Russia). SourceSource, and Source

It’s the media’s fault I look an idiot for saying “nucular” Source 

It’s the media’s fault that I supported the Bridge to Nowhere, that I accepted and kept the $233 million dollars provided by America’s tax payers, that I only distanced from the Bridge after it became an embarrasment and another shining example of wasteful spending.  Source

It’s the media’s fault that after 9 United States Geological Survey studies have all concluded that the habitat of Alaska’s polar bears is threatened by global warming that I sued the USA for listing Polar Bears as a Threatened Species.  Source

It’s the media’s fault that I look like a tool for saying that couldn’t entertain the idea “until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day”.


Palin lashes out at media: 

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