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Titans are Ridiculous

I almost never side with the player in a contract dispute, but I’m about to make what I believe to be my first exception.  Chris Johnson is set to make $800,000 this year.  This would make him the most underpaid NFL player I think I’ve ever seen.  Here is some info on Chris Johnson from ESPN:

He became only the sixth man in NFL history to run for at least 2,000 yards when he ran for 2,006 yards in 2009 and the first to rack up 2,500 yards with 500 yards receiving.

He followed that up by running for 1,364 yards in 2010 despite finishing the season with a bruised thigh and has started 46 of the 47 games he has played in since being drafted 24th overall in 2008 out of East Carolina. Johnson has 4,598 career yards averaging 5 yards per carry and also has 1,008 yards receiving.

DeAngelo Williams got a new deal from Carolina earlier this week worth $21 million in guaranteed money. He played only six games last season and ran for 361 yards while dealing with injuries.

And as pointed out by Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports: For most backs, 1,364 yards would be cause for a week-long celebration.


He is not just a great RB, he’s one of the top 3 RB’s and arguably the best (considering reliability and 3 years of stats).  It goes without saying that he’s the most important player on his team, but what bears mentioning is that the 2nd best player on the team is a very distant 2nd.  The 2nd best player on the Titans might be the 4th or 5th best player on other teams.  The player with the most promise might be Kenny Britt, who was arrested like 3 times during the off-season and is at severe risk for immediate suspension (and then at high-risk for future suspsensions, because rarely do these types learn the first time).  I don’t predict Britt to be able to cut it with the NFL behavior rules, but he is another topic.

So if the Titans have absolutely no hopes of making the playoffs, they should continue their hard-nose stance and wave the shitty contract in his face.  Meanwhile, the team can go 2-14, the fans will revolt, and the players will mail it in all year.

The Titans need to get off their ass and sign this guy to a deal.  It’s like the Titans are being run by the owners of the other owners in the AFC South.

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Whitlock is awesome

It’s not a coincidence that McNabb comes from a supportive, two-parent household.

I raise the issue to point out that in modern professional sports — with the astronomical players’ salaries — ownership and management examine the upbringing of the athletes and factor that into their decision-making.

It’s not about color. It’s about fitting the profile of someone who can handle all that goes along with being an NFL quarterback. If I’m an owner, I spend my quarterback dollars on young men who were raised by strong fathers. It wouldn’t be an infallible system, but on average I bet I’d hit more winners than if I turned over the leadership of my team to a kid who isn’t used to having a strong male authority figure.

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Speaking in mid-June, McCarthy and Packers general manager Ted Thompson gave no indication Favre was considering a comeback. Thompson visited Favre’s Mississippi home in May and said: “he’s got a nice place. He says he drives around his place and cuts down trees and cuts grass. He’s a hands-on guy.”

A living legend needs some time to acclimate to no longer putting on the game-face.  But after reading this I couldn’t help but wonder about this image that Brett “drives around his place and cuts down trees”.  I instantly started to drift… Is he doing this by hand – maybe to stay in shape and be outdoors?  Is he training for a lumberjack competition?  (That would be so great).  A woodworking career? (Woodwork by Favre, tell me that wouldn’t fetch top dollar).  Did he pimp out a truck with robot arms equipped with giant saws (He’s got the money, I’d at least think about it).  Is he angry?  Is he going to have a bonfire for every Packers game? How many trees does he cut down?  He’s Brett Favre so if he wants to cut down a few trees, so be it.  But I am curious –  how many does he want to cut down?  Does he have a goal or is literally just driving around cutting down trees?  Fascinating. 

If you could buy a 7 foot totem pole hand made by the greatest QB in history, wouldn’t you buy it?  What if he makes dog houses?  A house for your dog, made by Brett, from trees in his own back yard?  Please…prices start at $1,000 and that’s for the little ones!  Brett – if you’re looking for employees, I’m in.  This could also be a great tax write off if proceeds go to charity.  

You heard it here first: “Carved by Favre” – I think it could work.

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Vick files Chapter 11

Vick is filing bankruptcy.  The largest 7 creditors show $12.8 million in debt, and that’s just the biggest ones. 

Recall: This was at one point the highest paid player in the NFL.  That also brings millions more in sponsorship dollars from companies across the board: Reebok, Nike, Rawlings, Coca-Cola, Kraft, Sprint, Motorola, Home Depot, Wendy’s, AirTran. 

Vick was sentenced in December of 2007 and 7 or 8 months later…bankrupt.  This may be his biggest punishment not just because of the amount, but because this punishment wasn’t handed down by someone else – it is a result of his own choices. 

Someone with millions and millions should be able to make it 8 months without filing bankruptcy.  Kharma will get you every time.

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Pacman on the cheap

The last Pacman post said “If the trade is favorable” – and no doubt it’s favorable.  The Cowboys are taking a shot on Pacman and in return are giving up…a fourth round draft pick.  That’s a steal, with the “if’s”: If he’s re-instated and if he stays out of trouble.  The former is insured, we’ll get our pick back in 2009.  On the latter, he’s got no guaranteed money.  He’ll be as unpredictable as an injury or as a 1st round draft pick – there is risk everywhere.  Thumbs up to this deal.

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The Dallas Cowboys are considering trading for Pacman Jones

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