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Former GOP Senator slams Republicans

Given the the charged question of how prevalent he believes sexism or racism are within the Republican Party, Weicker didn’t flinch.

“Oh, I think it clearly shows… it seems to me when I hear Republicans talking, I hear a lot of sexism, I hear a lot of racism,” Weicker said.

The sun is hot.  The sky is blue.  The GOP attracts racists and sexists.  We know.  But thanks for acknowledging it, Weicker.

That’s the first step to fixing it and fixing is what the Republicans need.  As you said, they’ve moved really far to the right over the past two decades.  I found my views and the Republican views separating about 20 years ago.  It started with the environmental issues.  Across the board, all Republicans are nearly always voting against environmental protections (or voting to reduce them).  But they’ve also gone way (way) too far to the right on race, sex, and religion.  It was too far right for me 20 years ago and they’re getting farther and farther away.  How many 2008 Republican candidates for the Presidency reject evolution?  If it’s greater than ‘zero’, it’s concerning that they weren’t weeded out.  (It’s more than zero:  

I know a fair amount of Tea Party fans who have medical conditions…and they’re quietly whispering that they want the Tea Party Republicans to shut the hell up because they’re thrilled about not being denied coverage.  Talk about a vocal minority…it’s the Tea Party Republicans.  And people like Palin, Bachmann, Huckabee, and Cruz are just taking it further and further to the right. 

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Shutdown…it’s all been said?

So everyone’s talking about the shutdown and everything’s already been said.  Still, I feel like just adding my two cents to everyone else’s two cents.

In 2008, Barack Obama ran for president saying he would attempt to implement a healthcare system that required people to insure their kids, required insurance companies to provide insurance coverage despite the discovery of a condition, require businesses of a certain size to offer a plan, etc.  And he was elected.

The House passed the law.  The Senate passed the law.

Obama ran for president again, this time against a man who’s primary platform was that he would take down Obamacare.  And Obama won by 5 million votes.

The Supreme Court affirmed the law is Consitutional.

EVERY branch of government has weighed in on this.

The voters have weighed in on this.  Twice.

The Republicans are getting jerked around by a couple of 1st year politicians.

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Larry Taylor’s casual “Jew” slur

Larry Taylor, leader of the House Republican Caucus, very casually dropped a Jewish slur in a legislative committee hearing.  He then remembered that he was in public and and in front of microphone, and that he shouldn’t be using his household language.  He then immediately said that this was “probably” a bad term.  Probably?  There is no doubt about it.

To the insurance company and the speed at which they process claims, Larry instructed them: “Don’t nitpick, don’t try to Jew them down.”


Of course we will now all act surprised that a Republican uses racial slurs so casually.

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Hank Williams Jr stuff

Some Hank Williams Jr tweets!

Hank Williams Jr new song: “Are you ready for retirement??

Hank Williams Jr, says President is his enemy – compares President to Hitler, says the #TeaParty is unfairly labeled as extremists.

Hank Williams Jr, commonly seen on confederate flags, says he & the #TeaParty are unfairly labeled as racist. 


if we’ve learned anything from hank williams jr comparing obama to hitler it’s that you can’t ask a guy in a cowboy hat about black people

@HankJr says POTUS is his enemy. Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Chavez, Castro, & late Bin Laden all agree. @espn wisely removes him from MNF.

Fox News to Hank Williams Jr.: “so you gonna run for office?” Fox News on Dixie Chicks: “Natalie Maines BLASTS President

Does @995thewolfdfw still not play artists like Hank Williams Jr. who criticize the President? Hi @1NatalieMaines.


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YEAH!! Senate kills Tea Party debt plan

It’s a dangerous period with time winding down quickly – and the entire economy hanging by a thread… now is NOT the time for amending the Constitution.|main5|dl4|sec3_lnk1|80303

Everyone who is (A) planning to live past 67 and (B) Has less than $4 million, should be against cutting Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

But the point is that a Constitutional Amendment is not something you rush through at the last hour. I’m not saying that we should not consider a balanced budget law (though I’m not sure a Constitutional amendment isn’t a bit extreme). I’m saying that it is a significant proposal that needs to be thoroughly examined and studied before it’s implemented so that it doesn’t blow up in our faces in 10 years.

When you have a gun to your head, you don’t start examining how to build bullet-proof headgear. Tea Partiers need to quit playing around and get a deal done, instead of trying to get their name in a history book.

How scary is the debt-ceiling debate? The consequences of a default are pretty scary. Predictions are difficult to agree on, but none of them are good. It’s well explained here:
U.S. Default Would Likely Cause Stocks, Bonds, Dollar To Collapse

So cut whatever – anything but Social Security and Medicare.
– Legalize it. “Legalize what”, you say? Whatever. Legalize marijuana. Legalize prostitution. Whatever. Only legalize it for 1 year. I bet we can cut the deficit in half in 12 months! Kidding? More or less. Some say marijuana is less dangerous than booze. We forego tons of tax revenue and instead spend tons of tax dollars hunting and prosecuting the traffic.
– Raise the taxes on smokes and booze.
– Increase fines and decrease jail time. Decreases costs while increases revenue.
– Increase penalties for companies hiring illegal aliens.
– Declare a date and give illegals who have proof of being here by July 22nd a subset of Social Security numbers that allows them to work and pay into Social Security, but not withdraw benefits.
– Stop fighting on foreign soil for a few years. The cost of buying and transporting gas to power generators that provide AC in battle areas is larger than NASA’s budget. Blackhawks, tanks, and armored transports get less than 1 mile per gallon. I’m thrilled we got Bin Laden – and my hat is off to Obama for getting it done after 1 1/2 years in office. Now, pack everything up and head home. We can’t police every country forever.

I’d rather see a Constitutional Amendment on term limitations for Congress. I don’t think we need to rotate everyone every few years – but I don’t think we need to have the same lawmakers for 40 years, either.

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GOP: Cut Medicare to fund tax cuts for the rich

How in the world can anyone suggest that we cut taxes on the richest 2% of Americans and we fund it by cutting Medicare and Social Security?  How do you even look at yourself in the mirror – that’s horrible.  We’re not talking about raising taxes, we’re talking about letting the cuts expire. 

If Jesus was in Congress, would he vote for tax cuts for the rich – or resources for the elderly?  The Tea Party needs to stop espousing a Christian outlook, its sacrilege.  It’s a group of short-sighted narrow-minded hypocrites (who apparently don’t plan on aging). 

And Boehner and your Republican cohorts, you don’t fix the mess by screwing the old people.  No, your companions should not have reduced regulation on America’s financial system – it had catastrophic effects.  No, you should not have bogged us down in a pointless war in Iraq where there was no Al-Qaeda and no WMD’s.  But you can’t fix your mess by stealing from the working class of America. 

And I sure as hell didn’t donate to a bunch of health-care reform causes so that Democrats could give away the health-care I will desperately need when I’m in retirement.  Give up Medicare – are you out of your mind?  I could stomach cuts in every other department.  When you cut benefits from old people, old people need to just go out and get a good paying job with benefits.  Oh…a 72-year-old typically can’t get a well-paying job with benefits?  (Morons).  It’s hard enough for a 62-year-old to hang on to his job.  After accruing raises and vacations, companies can’t wait to lay them off at the first downturn. And try to find a job when you’re 60.  It can be done, but the odds are really against you.  And to immediately affect the annual budget, you have to start making cuts right away.  It doesn’t help to say “In 20 years, we will change Medicare ages/rates”.  So if you’re 45 or 50, you should get in your time machine and go back and start handling your retirement fund differently.

Stop sending missiles and jets into Libya. Stop fighting in Iraq.  A BlackHawk gets about 0.7 MPG and they’re used all over the place.  Park the tanks, they get about 0.6 MPG.  Armored transports and jets ain’t cheap and neither are the armaments.  My god, the annual cost of air conditioning for US war soldiers is larger than NASA’s budget!  Let’s put the cost of war in perspective. 

And for god’s sake quit doing missions in Libya!  Are you out of your mind, Obama?  Send them a note that says “You should have done this 10 years ago.”

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Palin on Revere

Remember the secret “one if by land, two if by sea” signal that Revere carried while sneaking past the British patrols?

Here’s how Sarah explains Paul Revere’s midnight ride – she learned about it from a Bugs Bunny cartoon:

“He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms uh by ringing those bells and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free and we were going to be armed.”   

She makes him sound like some drunken redneck riding with a giant bell in one hand and a gun in the other.  Like Revere was just blaring through town yelling “Yeeeeee-haaaaww” – while firing his musket in the air (and then stopping and getting off his horse and putting his bell down so he can pack another shot into his muzzle-loaded rifle).

I think that in her head, she see Larry the Cable Guy riding in a monster truck, with the Liberty Bell mounted in the bed of the truck, and a Dukes of Hazzard horn on the hood, shouting “git r dun” into a megaphone, while firing a Dirty Harry revolver out the window.

How stupid does someone have to be to look at Sarah Palin and say “wow, Sarah Palin is really smart!

 As Rick Ungar (Forbes) humorously writes:

While I had been led to believe that Revere’s historic ride was actually for the purpose of warning our forefathers that the British were coming, it turns out that his midnight ride, complete with ringing bells and warning shots, was really all about letting the English know that we were armed.

No wonder the British lost. They apparently went into the Revolutionary War in the mistaken belief that we would not be armed and, as a result, failed to bring sufficient weaponry of their own.

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Tea, the new Kool Aid

So, this is the Tea Party… 

If we don’t have a majority, if we can’t win an election fairly and legally…then let’s shoot everyone!  Kidding?  Nope.  Some spare at a rally?  Nope. This is GOP pundit Joyce Kaufman at a 2010 Tea Party rally saying “If ballots don’t work, bullets will!” 

Tea!  It’s the new Kool-Aid!

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Don’t Retreat, instead Reload! Giffords was in Palin’s crosshairs

Shot Congresswoman Was In Sarah Palin’s ‘Crosshairs’

Gabrielle Giffords, congresswoman who was shot in the head today (January 8, 2011), was featured on Sarah Palin’s “make a stand” map, which targeted Democratic legislators by identifying them on the map with the crosshairs of a rifle scope. The map that was criticized as an incitement to violence. 

Don’t retreat, instead- RELOAD!” is how Palin introduced her map. Within a few days, a vandal smashed the glass door of Giffords’ Tucson office. Giffords’ father says that Tea Party members had been repeatedly threatening her.   

Shot Congresswoman Was In Sarah Palin's 'Crosshairs'

Giffords is entering her 3rd term in Congress.  Last year she supported the Health Care refor.   This earned her a place on Palin’s map of rifle scope crosshairs.  A later revision of the maps shows the candidates location in rifle scop crosshairs and ominously encourages follower to “Help us prescribe the solution“.  Earlier today, SarahPAC hurriedly shut down the entire site

In the recent congressional election Tea Party candidate Jesse Kelly carried on Palin’s violent rhetoric. He held an event with the description: “Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office. Shoot a fully automatic M16 with [me]”

Shot Congresswoman Was In Sarah Palin's 'Crosshairs'

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Libertarian vs Tea Party

This is so funny: 

What are you?  The problem with left and right is that it’s fitting 4 viewpoints on a single line.  Try the Political Compass to account for both economic and social values.  It plots views on an X and Y. 

Libertarianism is the advocacy of individual liberty, especially freedom of thought and action.[1] Philosopher Roderick T. Long defines libertarianism as “any political position that advocates a radical redistribution of power [either “total or merely substantial”] from the coercive state to voluntary associations of free individuals”, whether “voluntary association” takes the form of the free market or of communal co-operatives.[2] David Boaz, libertarian writer and vice president of the Cato Institute, writes that, “Libertarianism is the view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he chooses so long as he respects the equal rights of others” and that, “Libertarians defend each person’s right to life, liberty, and property–rights that people have naturally, before governments are created.”[3]

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