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Attack of the Mean Mommy

I was at a music class with my kid. All the kids were following the directions they were given and were having fun making music together.

All except Bratty Kid, who didn’t want to play music. But Bratty Kid didn’t want to just ‘not play’, he wanted to disrupt all of the people around him. Rather than just sit down or stand still, Bratty Kid started pushing other kids next to him who were trying to play music, and who were following directions­.

Bratty Kid’s parents weren’t there (of course). Lazy Parent pays for the class and hire sitters, but don’t directly attend so they send Baby Sitter in their place. Lazy Parent is an important person with an important job and doesn’t have the “free time” for things like “Normal Parent”. Lazy Parent seems to be unconcerne­d with the remainder of society and thinks that the entire class should revolve around Bratty Kid.

When Bratty Kid is bad, Lazy Parent turns into Defense Attorney for Bratty Kid. Bratty Kid’s teachers can never offer assistance or discipline because Defense Attorney is always present.

Lazy Parents thinks that since they can’t teach their kids to behave, it must therefore be impossible­…and everyone else is lying about how their kids were taught to behave by Active Parents.

(Of course, teachers and coaches all take notice of how Lazy Parent is too busy to be part of Bratty Kid’s life and the correlatio­n between Lazy Parent and Bratty Kid.
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