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GM…Got Money?

Three weeks ago GM submitted a plan to the Treasury Department on how it would remain viable.  That plan included laying off 47,000 workers worldwide in 2009 and closing five more factories in the US. 

In 207 the company lost $38.7 billion, followed by $30.9 billion in 2007.  The 2008 pay package for CEO Rick Wagoner? $14.9 million.  The company is now begging for more money from the tax payers.   I think they’re changing their name to “Got Money?

Rick started at GM in 1981.  He was named CFO in 1992, President of North American Operations in 1994, President & COO in 1998, and CEO in 2000.  What I’m saying is: He’s been in a position of influence at GM for a long time. 

What a bunch of idiots.

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Welcome Back Ball Control

If he was unhappy about the number of passes last year, when we were down to our 3rd string RB, then he was going to be miserable this year. With the 3 “Beasts in the Backfield“, we can get by without him. After all, let’s count up all the playoff wins we’ve had with Owens here.

I hope to see a lot more running in 2009 from the Cowboys (think Aikman-era Cowboys).  I’d like to see them wearing down defenses with that RB trio. Roy Williams and Jason Witten are good receivers.  Miles Austin looks interesting. Sam Hurd is also interesting and he has some serious wheels. 

Crayton is fairly solid, but I’m not sure about his future as a Cowboy.  When you have have 38 TD’s and 3,600 yards over the past 3 years, you are given a longer leash (T.O.).  When your 3 year total is 15 TD’s and 1,700 yards (Crayton)…you shut your pie-hole or you get traded. 

So bye-bye TO.  It was fun while it lasted.  We enjoyed having you here but in the end you wore us out with all the complaining (’re 35).  And you gotta pick your battles.  If you want to go out in the public eye and talk about how (pick a name), say Flozell Adams, is a sorry son-of-a-gun, you can probably win that battle.  But Witten?  As we’re watching images of him running down the Link with his helmet off showing how much he wants to win, as we’re seeing him out there with broken ribs (amazing), as we watch him play with a broken jaw just showing what a beast he is, as we’re thinking about how he’s always walked the straight and narrow and been a team player…Owens sitting in front of a camera whining, complaining, and calling out his teammates (very popular ones) and coaches.  That’s a good idea, right? 

Bye-Bye vertical offense, hello ball control.  With a decrease in WR talent, a little more runing is in order.

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Eldridge Doesn’t Take Job Seriously

A state law-maker Jeff Eldridge has proposed a Barbie Ban for West Virginia.  Sigh. 

The fact that this materialized to anything more than a passing thought is embarrassing.  But Eldridge says he stands by his bill.  He also says he knew people would joke about it and poke fun.  That’s because it’s ridiculous, Jeff.  He said he couldn’t get any support from any other lawmaker.  Again…because it’s ridiculous. 

So, here is Jeff Eldridge, knowing that everyone will joke about his idea and that no one else supports it.  Yet still he proceeds to write up a bill and proposed his in his state.  How much time was wasted by you and your staff drafting this bill, Jeff?  How much time was wasted in proceedings?  These are not actions of someone taking his job seriously. 

How much would this cost your state and would it really solve the problem you are addressing?  You’re talking about spending tax dollars on a Barbie Ban?  In this economy?  Are you going to watch for signs of Barbie at the state lines?  Are you going to yank Barbie dolls out of the hands of 4-year-old girls?  What about the dolls that are “like-a-Barbie” – do you seize them, too? 

Another reason this job isn’t being taken seriously is because this ban would not tackle the problem of “if you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful and you don’t have to be smart”.  Uhh – that situation is not because of a toy.  That’s art imitating life, or at least toy imitating life.  Beautiful women in tight clothing are getting extra attention based on their looks – we all know that and we all know that it is not because of…Barbie.  I’m assuming Jeff is not running for re-election, or at least not planning to win.

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Getting Rid of Desktop Search

Do you like the old Search dialog in Windows – the Search Companion?  I can’t stand the new one, it brings back too much.  If you want the old Search Companion to appear when you start a Windows Search (by click Start – Search on the screen or by pressing the Start + F keys), it’s easy to get it back. 

  1. Open your Registry by clicking Start – Run and typing Regedt32 in the dialog box
  2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Desktop Search\DS
  3. Change the key ShowStartSearchBand from a ‘1’ to a ‘0’ (zero)
  4. Close the Registry

Next time you open your search, you’ll be back to the good search box!  This tip works on Windows XP.

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Coen Brothers on Clean Coal

The Coen Brothers – Acadamy Award winners for No Country for Old Men, and Fargo – have hugged a tree and made a commercial in response to the Clean Coal advertisements. 

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Melting Ice Warning

Melting Ice Warning for the top & bottom….Greenland & Antartica ice is melting quickly! 



Check out this interactive site on ice in Antartica: 

Burning the Rain Forest

Burning the Rain Forest

And see this slideshow on Warming Signals.  For instance – burning the Amazon rain forest (yes, we’re still doing that).  We’re adding CO2 and reducing Earth’s tools to combat CO2…at the same time.,3032493&pg=1  

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Obama Reverses Anti-Enviromental Policy

“Obama has swiftly delivered on his campaign promise to reverse Bush’s anti-endangered species regulations,” Kieran Suckling, director of the Center for Biological Diversity, told “He has restored independent, scientific oversight to the heart of the Endangered Species Act.”

Sources said that today Barack Obama would eliminate one of Bush’s science-hating, typical Republican laws that reduced the protection for threatened and endangered species.

In December of 2008, as one of the Republican party’s last parting shots at the environment, the Bush administration decided to allow local agencies to determine on their own if their construction projects might harm animals and plants listed under the Endangered Species Act.

“The Bush-era rule reduces the mandatory, independent reviews government scientists have performed for 35 years. It also prohibits federal agencies from assessing a project’s contribution to global warming when they evaluate its effect on species.”

Prohibiting the government from attempting to minimize or reduce global warming…Thank Republicans!  No one else but you would make it illegal to try to care for our own home. 

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