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Health Care Coverage

You can’t be denied health coverage!

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Like a herd

The Democratic representatives represent a very diverse group of independent-thinking Democratic voters, so it’s not surprising when all Democratic leaders do not vote the same.  It’s a heterogenous group. 

The Republicans are a homogenous group and it’s also not suprising when they tend to vote in single-minded “herd” mentality.  But how…out of 178 Republicans…does not one of them break the lock-stop marching orders?  I watched the health-care debates for hours and as was pointed out numerous times – the things the Republicans want in the reform are almost all accounted for.   A bill can’t be perfect for everyone, of course.  But still – not 1?  Moooooooo.   Baaaaaaaaaa.  What a herd. 

They sat back in their chairs for 8 years and drank from the lap of luxury.  Health Care Reform during Republican majority?  Never even mentioned.  Abortion changes during Republican majority, Republican president, and Conservative Supreme Court?  Not even touched.  Now that Americans voted for expanded Health Care (see presidential election of 2008, and see how often healthcare reform was promised on Obama’s campaign, and see how many votes Obama collected), the Republican party still sits on their haunches and merely tries to put sticks in the spokes of wheel of progress.  The party of “No”.

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One Step Closer to Health Care Reform


Senate Democrats clear health care hurdle
12/21/2009 12:00 PM

WASHINGTON – A crucial, middle-of-the-night test vote behind them, Senate Democrats prepared Monday for more votes at odd hours in their drive to pass historic legislation to cover the uninsured and to try to curb rising medical costs. (God almighty these medical costs eat up a larger piece of my income every year.  Pretty soon 50% of my pay will go to insurance companies!  And without this I’m sure when my company lays me off at 58 and I’m no longer covered that they’ll deny me coverage – who wants to cover old people?) 

All 58 Democrats and the Senate’s two independents held together early Monday against unanimous Republican opposition to President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul . They provided the exact 60-40 margin needed to shut down a threatened GOP filibuster.

The next vote is now expected around 7:20 a.m. EST Tuesday. Obama called the vote “a big victory for the American people,” adding that it will make a “tremendous difference for families, for seniors, for businesses and for the country as a whole.”

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Christmas Card for Senators

This year, when you’re writing holiday cards to your friends and loved ones, there are two more people who need to hear from you: Senator John Cornyn and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (Or your the Senators from your state!).

With the Senate deep in final negotiations — and a compromise just introduced that increases choice and drives costs down — your senators need to understand how urgent reform really is.

So we’ve come up with a unique way for you to get the message across — by sending your senators a card with your holiday wish for the season.

Send a holiday card to your senators, telling them that your wish this season is for them to pass health insurance reform.

Send a holiday card

Since the full Senate began debating reform just over two weeks ago, approximately 224,000 Americans have lost their health insurance, while spiraling costs have forced countless more into bankruptcy or foreclosure.

That’s a big number — it’s as many people as live in a city like Baton Rouge, and more than live in Reno.

This crisis affects everyone in our community. It could be a father down the street who now won’t be able to pay for care when his son breaks his leg playing soccer, or a daughter who must watch helplessly as her newly-uninsured mother gets a breast cancer diagnosis she can’t afford to treat.

Every day brings thousands more stories of heartbreak and struggle that just shouldn’t be in a nation as blessed as ours.

So please take a moment to cut through the noise in D.C. with your simple holiday wish: affordable, quality health care for every American family.

Send your holiday card for health reform today:



Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

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Go Health Care Reform!

“The country suffers when there is a failure to act on serious challenges that millions of ordinary Americans face in their daily lives,”  Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont.

Denying coverage is crap and it needs to end.  It needs to change and since the GOP’s only wish is for everything in the world to never ever change – the Democrat plan is what needs to get passed. 

We need reform. 

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time”
      — Obama

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Does Republican Health Care include Death Panels and Abortion?

“Reckless Rhetoric”: Major hypocrisy on health care reform. 

The proposal to reimburse doctors that was so offensive was the end-of-life counseling (newsflash, we’re mortal) – the “death panels” as they were called were a plot to “kill grandma”.

Imagine the awkwardness now that the Republican party’s own health care provider (Cigna) already has in place and is currently promoting end-of-life counseling / death panels.

But that’s just the icing on the cake. The RNC health plan from Cigna that they’ve been using for 18 years, also covers elective abortion services.

We can assume that their health care proposal (if they actually had a proposal) would look like the plan they designed for themselves.

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Pro-Life FOR Health Care Reform

The pro-life movement should be supporting Obama and the Democrats in the Health Care Reform movement.  After all, this plan removes one major obstacle for the Pro-Life movement.  If the federal government takes away a women’s right to choose, then the high cost of medical and pharmaceutical services for the mother and baby must be considered.  Unless, it’s already covered by Obama’s health care reform. 

Conservatives (specifically the anti-abortionists) should stop to consider their goals and then embrace health care reform.

The anti-abortion platform would still have to account for other massive increases in government social spending that goes along with protecting and monitoring the unborn life as well as the newborn.  If the mother is going to drink and smoke and eat nothing but McD’s because she doesn’t want the baby…then really, you have to ask if its worth the high financial cost and tax burden.   Conclusive research shows that leads to medical problems and behavioral problems.  Caring for the unwanted is admirable, but it results in much higher taxes.  I don’t see a lot of people lining up to adopt babies from inner-city women who smoke and do drugs (I certainly haven’t seen many white conservatives in this line).  But – the anti-abortionists will have to have a plan to do something with the kids once they’re here.  And if all the Bristol’s and Levi’s in suburbia drop out of high school and forego college and start raising kids at 16, that has a financial cost to society. 

That anti-abortion platform uses a lot of tax dollars.

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