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nBy the Numbers: Palin’s Record

 John McCain, presumptive GOP nominee for months. He had tons (TONS) of time to research and vet a running mate suitable to be the President. Selecting Palin is not just a blow to his own campaign but to the whole party.

It appears it may have come from the greatness of the Huffington Post.  Here’s a sampling, see the whole list at the great Huffington Post website. 



Sarah Palin may lie, but numbers don’t. Her record speaks for itself.  

2007: the year in which Sarah Palin first obtained a passport (Source)

the approximate number of hours Palin spent on a refueling layover in Ireland, which the McCain campaign cited as part of her foreign policy experience (

the number of times John McCain specifically criticized earmarks requested by Sarah Palin when she was mayor of Wasilla, citing them as examples of wasteful spending (

the amount of federal earmarks Alaska residents will receive per capita in 2008, the highest level of any state (Source)

the number of nights during her first 19 months in office that Palin charged taxpayers a “per diem” totaling $16,951 for staying in her own home — an allowance intended to cover meals and incidental expenses while traveling on state business (Source)

$453 million: the total amount of earmarks Palin has asked U.S. taxpayers to fund for Alaska projects over the past two years, despite McCain’s insistence that she hasn’t sought earmarks or special-interest spending from Congress (Source) 

$500 to $1,200: the fee that Wasilla charged rape victims to pay for post-sexual assault medical exams, after the city cut funds during Palin’s tenure that had previously covered the exams (Source) 

25: the percentage by which Palin raised the sales tax in Wasilla to pay for a sports center, despite claims that she cut taxes (Source 

0: Wasilla’s long-term debt when Palin took office in 1996 (Source) 

$18.6 million: the long-term debt Palin racked up by the time she left office in 2002, amounting to about $3,000 per resident (Source) 

$150: the cash payment offered by the Palin administration to hunters who turn in legs of freshly killed wolves gunned down from airplanes (Source) 

500: the number of Fortune 500 companies Sarah Palin is not qualified to run, according to McCain adviser Carly Fiorina (Source)

15: The number of minutes McCain and Palin spent together during their only meeting prior to the interview in which McCain offered her the vice presidential slot (Source) 

50: the number of days after Palin announced she “will fully cooperate” with an ethics investigation into the “Troopergate” scandal that the McCain campaign announced she was “unlikely to cooperate” because it had been “hijacked” by Obama operatives. The probe was unanimously authorized by a bipartisan panel of eight Alaska Republicans and four Democrats. (Source) 



How Palin became VP:  (McCain cites PTA experience).  

Right to Know:


Got $5?


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The Palins & Secession

She can give a speech to the secessionist party, that’s awesome.  A group of Anti-Americans who wish to denounce their membership in the United States of America.  A husband who was an active member for nearly a decade – cool.  This family being 1 heartbeat away from controlling the White House – scary!

Here’s Palin AIP video – Imagine if Barack sent a video message to secessionists (never mentioning the USA).  But don’t stop there.  Imagine also that his spouse was a member of that same party of Anti-Americans. Kinda makes flag pins look like a hollow gesture, doesn’t it? 


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McCain is awesome!

This is a LOT of awesome! 

McCain Video 2

McCain: “The neighborhoods are safe – we walk down the streets with no body armor on.”
Fact: McCain’s delegation was guarded by more than 100 American Soldiers, with 3 Blackhawk Helicopters, and 2 Apache Gunships overhead. (And McCain was wearing armor). 

McCain: “General Petraeus goes out there almost every day in an unarmed Humvee.”
Interviewer, the next day: I checked with General Petraeus’s people last night and they said he never goes out in anything less than an up-armored humvee. 

These are all McCain:
“Of course those tax cuts have to remain permanent”
“I voted against the tax cuts”
“I voted to extend them”
“I voted against the tax cuts” (this is a different interview than above).
“I’ve always been for the tax cuts”

McCain Video 1

“The success will be fairly easy.”

“I believe that we can win an overwhelming victory in a very short period of time.”

“I knew it was probably going to be long and hard and tough and those who voted for it and thought that somehow it was gonna be some kind of an easy task, then I’m sorry that they were mistaken. Maybe they didn’t know what they were voting for.”

“The Confederate flag is offensive in many, many ways, as we all know. It’s a symbol of racism and slavery.”
3 days later: “Personally, I see the flag as a symbol of heritage.”

Should gay marriage be allowed? (Chris Matthews)
“I think that gay marriage should be allowed.”
11 minutes later: “I do not believe that gay marriages should be legal.”
Are you against Civil Unions for gay couples? (Stephanopoulos)
“No, I am not.”

What a hypocrite…
Video 2

Video 1

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