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Wolf Puppies!

Dear Guardian,

Early summer-the time each year when hopes blossom and new lives begin. Now is when young wolf pups and bobcat kittens first venture out of their dens. They will start to explore the world with fresh curiosity and an eagerness shared by youth everywhere. With so few Mexican wolves roaming the wild, each new youngster holds the promise of regeneration for this endangered species-but brutal leg-hold traps litter the New Mexican landscape and are a real threat to these puppies and kittens.

Thanks to your financial, moral and “boots-on-the-ground” support,
WildEarth Guardians continues our fight for the Mexican wolf, and wildlife everywhere.

Since 2002, Mexican wolves have been caught in traps. They’ve endured painful injuries, amputations and death. And since 2000, approximately 25,000 New Mexican bobcats have been trapped and killed so their fur could be shipped overseas to profit a handful of trappers. Thousands of untold  other animals have also been maimed and killed.

Right now, WildEarth Guardians seeks to end public lands trapping in New Mexico for all species including lobos, bobcats, gray foxes, badgers, and more.

Today I’m asking you to join me in committing to end the slaughter by becoming a WildEarth Guardians monthly donor.  Please add your monthly commitment of
$5, $10, $20 or more each month to mine-I give $20 each month.

Together we can give Guardians the financial security it needs to end trapping on public lands in New Mexico.

We are working to pass a bill that will ban trapping and expect it to be introduced in early 2013. Before then we need to continue building the public pressure by securing business, community and stakeholder backing that supports our
legislative champions. We need to dominate the media with messages about the cruel dangers and consequences of trapping.

Please join me in making a gift to secure a humane future for the wildlife of the Southwest. Our world is better when it’s shared with howling wolves, yipping coyotes, and purring bobcats.

For the Wolves,

Kevin Gaither-Banchoff
Development Director
WildEarth Guardians

P.S. Learn more about our campaign to Ban Traps here.

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Hunting season – for 700+ wolves?

This charity has a 4 star rating – the highest rating given by Charity Navigator. 

Still Sticking Up for Wolves in the Northern Rockies

Up to 1/2 of wolves in Northern Rockies to be killed

Dear Guardian,

Call us stubborn, but we just don’t like dead wolves. That’s why we’re in court for the third time this year to protect Northern Rockies wolves from Congress and state mismanagement.

The latest bout over wolves began last April, when Congress passed a legislative rider that contravened a judicial order and eliminated federal protection for wolves in Idaho, Montana, and parts of Utah, Oregon and Washington. WildEarth Guardians, Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Friends of the Clearwater sued. Scientists believe wolves are not recovered in the Northern Rockies. We contend they should still be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

The U.S. District Court in Montana upheld the rider in August, although Judge Donald Malloy wrote that, if not constrained by what he believed was poorly reasoned case law from superior courts, he would have ruled the rider unconstitutional.

We appealed to the Ninth Circuit, which expedited the case for hearing this autumn, but not before Idaho and Montana announced new hunting seasons for wolves

that could eliminate one half of the Northern Rockies population – or more than 775 wolves. We have twice filed motions to stop hunting while the appellate court considers our case.

Wolf Hunting to Commence

The court is considering our current request. Meanwhile, Montana and Idaho have
issued more than 36,000 licenses to hunt wolves this fall and the kill rate is likely
to accelerate as snow falls in the Rockies and the animals become easier to

So what’s next, and how can you help?

Our legal team is preparing to present oral arguments in two weeks for what may be our last chance to restore protection to wolves in the Northern Rockies. We seek to preserve wolves and their critical role as ecosystem engineers. We want to protect the public’s interest, YOUR interest, in wolf conservation and the enormous
investment in the 16-year wolf recovery program. And we hope to overturn misguided legislation that harms wolves and sets a bad precedent for Congressional meddling in endangered species management.

Thank you for your continued support for WildEarth Guardians’ Wolves in the American West Campaign, through activism, and through your generous financial gifts – we hope you will consider making a donation today.

We’ll continue to keep you posted as events unfold.

For the Wolves,

John Horning
Executive Director
WildEarth Guardians


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Charity Navigator 4 Star

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Yea! Protection for Wolves and others

On September 9th, a federal court approved our settlement agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to advance protection for nearly 900 imperiled species, including decisions that will likely lead to Endangered Species Act listing for more than 250 of them.

WildEarth Guardians’ campaign to fundamentally change the Service’s endangered species listing process required a major long-term financial commitment. All told we spent more than a decade and hundreds of thousands of hours of staff time to achieve this historic outcome.

Now we need your help to have the staying power to ensure that over the next six years – the timeframe for the settlement’s implementation – the Service upholds its promise to address every one of the species in our agreement.

Will you step up and help us to ensure our Nation’s most imperiled flora and fauna are protected? There is still so much work to be done. Please support our Endangered
Species Candidate Fund today.

This is one of the biggest milestones in the history of the Endangered Species Act.

Collectively, these species occur – or once occurred – in all 50 states. They are all a vibrant part of the rich natural heritage in our country, and all deserve to live.

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Letter to FWS – Good job busting that kid!

I tried to post to your blog, but I got an error when clicking the Submit button (“The specified URL cannot be found”), so I am posting my letter here.

Open letter to the US Fish & Wildlife Service:

Dear US FSW:

There is a kid in my area who is always trying to save wildlife. I read about you in Virginia and I was wondering how to report this kid so you could take some action. Maybe you could put a “Report a Conservationist” link on your homepage?

We don’t want Americans to help save any animals and you’re the group to handle the problem (telling that little girl you’re gonna throw her momma in jail for trying to save a bird??  That is just awesome!! It’s important to deter everyone, especially children, from having any interest in ecology – and to deter from having any respect for F&W agents.

This is also a great way to save the USA some serious money. Seems like those tree-hugging Democrats are always the ones voting to spend taxes on ‘protecting nature’ and we don’t need that!  The world doesn’t need that.  With your continued efforts, they might not complain about us cutting your spending and reducing your workforce.  We need more “I was just following orders” agents like the one in Virginia.  I know the law was intended (by liberals) to stop the killing of animals, but you know how to use the laws to intimidate children and I applaud it.

I read about the Fish & Wildlife Server and the wolves in WY – you did real good work there, too.  Those wolves can just stay inside the park if they don’t want to get killed.  And if those wolves won’t respect our boundaries of Yellowstone, shoot ’em!  We can’t abide by anyone crossing a border whenever they want.  And don’t tell me they don’t know understand they need to stay in the park…they know.  They just cross the border to steal our jobs livestock (I mean livestock, I got sidetracked ).

Now when you’re talking about killing some at-risk species – that is the time to get some ‘civilians’ involved.  Leave the rest of the work to the “I just follow orders” soldiers of the FWS super-agents.  Even after being alerted to the incident, the FWS still processed the citation against Alison Capo.  With the ruthless behavior shown by FWS in Virginia, we could use your “nature people” (wink-wink) in Homeland Security.

Let me know how to report other kids who actively protecting injured animals – in violation of the laws of this great land. You could have tossed her in jail, maybe even got her fired for missing work as a result.  Then Skylar would have really learned the lesson you’re trying to teach.  I’m sorry to see you’re going to let this little girl and her mother get away with ‘not killing’. That’s the problem with this country,  too many bleeding hearts out there.  Well, maybe next time that kid wants to help someone smaller or weaker, she’ll think twice.

On behalf of the Republican party let me say: May God bless you and thanks for all you do!

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe have agreed “in principle” to support a plan that would allow unregulated killing of wolves across most of Wyoming.

Let them know this is not an acceptable plan and that further protections are needed for wolves:


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Living with Wolves

I saw this National Geographic special on Ellis and wolves and it was fantastic.  By studying their howls closely, he developed a system that uses the appropriate type of howl to warn other packs to stay away.  The system can be used by ranchers to keep wolves away – instead of shooting them from planes. 

Shaun’s method allows for co-existence and is much cheaper.

The show is called Living With the Wolfman and it premieres this week on Animal Planet (APL – Direct Tv 282). 
Perhaps you’ve heard of
Shaun Ellis before. For 21 years, the British wolf expert has been living among wolves—howling, licking and snarling as one of them, both in the wild and in captivity, in the name of research. He spent seven years on an Indian reservation near Yellowstone National Park studying their distinctive howls, and ultimately publishing a book on the topic, “The Wolf Talk.” Later, he was the subject of a National Geographictelevision special, which documented his experience of raising a trio of cubs abandoned at birth, teaching them how to howl and hunt, and ultimately integrating them into a local pack.

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Morford on Palin

Mark Morford on Palin:

Truly, among women in the know and especially among those who fought so hard to bring Hillary Clinton to the brink of history, nausea and a general recoiling appear to be the universal reactions to Palin’s sudden presence on the national stage, stemming straight from the idea that there’s even a slight chance in hell such an antagonistic, anti-female politico could be within a 72-year-old heartbeat of becoming the most powerful and iconic woman of all time.

They say: You’ve got to be kidding me. They say: This is what we get? This could be our historic role model? Two hundred years (OK, more like 2000) of struggle, only to have this nasty caricature of femininity try to hijack and mock and undermine it all? 

It cannot be true, they say. The universe must be joking; it would not dare dump such a homophobic, Creationist evangelical nutball on us, this anti-choice, God-pandering woman who’s the inverse of Hillary, this woman of deep inexperience who abhors birth control and supports abstinence education and shoots exhausted wolves from helicopters and hates polar bears and actually stands for everything progressive women have resented since the first pope Swift-Boated Eve.


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Public Wolf Hunts?

  An upcoming court ruling is expected to block public wolf hunts in three states that aimed to kill up to twenty-five percent of the wolf population in the region. 

I’ve sometimes thought about those idiots who killed off the bald eagles.  I shook my head arrogantly at the tiny brains of those before us for not being able to resist sending a species into extinction.  And here we are, talking about public wolf hunts.  It’s shameful. 

Here are the sub-species that lived in our 50 states: 

Kenai Peninsula Wolf (Canis lupus alces) Alaska, EXTINCT!
Texas Gray Wolf (Canis lupus monstrabilis) Texas and Northeast Mexico, EXTINCT!
Great Plains Wolf (Canis lupus mubiles), EXTINCT!
Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus youngi), EXTINCT!
Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus irremotus), EXTINCT!

Updated 8:32 p.m. CT, Fri., July. 18, 2008

BILLINGS, Mont. – A federal judge has restored endangered species protections for gray wolves in the Northern Rockies, derailing plans by three states to hold public wolf hunts this fall.

Molloy said hunting and state laws allowing the killing of wolves…would likely “eliminate any chance for genetic exchange to occur.”

Full Article: 

Good job Judge Donald Molloy!  Good job to all the environmental groups!  Thank you to all those who also took time to donate to these groups and to sign petitions! 

You can help protect the remaining wolves by joining Wild Earth Guardians, a 4 star charity by  (4 stars is the highest grade).  Wild Earth Guardians is the new name for the Forest Guardians.  If you are looking for a great cause backed by a very efficient charity that is tax-deductible, this is a good one! 


Gray Wolf / Timber Wolf: 

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