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Welcome Back Ball Control

If he was unhappy about the number of passes last year, when we were down to our 3rd string RB, then he was going to be miserable this year. With the 3 “Beasts in the Backfield“, we can get by without him. After all, let’s count up all the playoff wins we’ve had with Owens here.

I hope to see a lot more running in 2009 from the Cowboys (think Aikman-era Cowboys).  I’d like to see them wearing down defenses with that RB trio. Roy Williams and Jason Witten are good receivers.  Miles Austin looks interesting. Sam Hurd is also interesting and he has some serious wheels. 

Crayton is fairly solid, but I’m not sure about his future as a Cowboy.  When you have have 38 TD’s and 3,600 yards over the past 3 years, you are given a longer leash (T.O.).  When your 3 year total is 15 TD’s and 1,700 yards (Crayton)…you shut your pie-hole or you get traded. 

So bye-bye TO.  It was fun while it lasted.  We enjoyed having you here but in the end you wore us out with all the complaining (’re 35).  And you gotta pick your battles.  If you want to go out in the public eye and talk about how (pick a name), say Flozell Adams, is a sorry son-of-a-gun, you can probably win that battle.  But Witten?  As we’re watching images of him running down the Link with his helmet off showing how much he wants to win, as we’re seeing him out there with broken ribs (amazing), as we watch him play with a broken jaw just showing what a beast he is, as we’re thinking about how he’s always walked the straight and narrow and been a team player…Owens sitting in front of a camera whining, complaining, and calling out his teammates (very popular ones) and coaches.  That’s a good idea, right? 

Bye-Bye vertical offense, hello ball control.  With a decrease in WR talent, a little more runing is in order.

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NFL Not Necessarily Truths

Mr. Whitlock has an eye for the truth and his writing is succinct and insightful.  After reading his work I almost always find myself nodding my head and saying “Yup, that’s right on.”  But saying a QB in his 2nd full season, is headlined as the reputation of a  “choke artist”?  That’s a little really premature, hardly a “truth”. 

When looking at this team and this game, I see a quarterback who was looking at:  A100-catch TE slowed by a broken rib and an ankle injury, a starting WR with plantar fasciitis, a star RB out with an injury, the #2 RB on injured reserve, a starting left guard with a sprained ankle – and let’s not forget a high-strung starting WR about to melt. 

All of this is on the QB’s shoulder’s before he looks past the line of scrimmage.  What he sees on the other side?  The #1 defense in the league in every major category. 

Injuries across the offense and top ranked defense – and it’s 24 degrees and windy. 

Tony was 19 of 36 for 210 with a TD.  Ben was 17 of 33 for 204 with a TD.  They were identical save for one difference: Ben took the sack (5 total) while Tony attempted to put the team on his back and make it happen.  

He tried to do too much when he should have taken the sack – that’s true.  But – in the 4th quarter – the Cowboys defense completely folded up. And – in the 4th quarter – the Cowboys special teams let the Steelers bring a return back to the Cowboys 25 yard line setting up a Steeler FG.
I put this loss at 40% Tony, 30% defense, 30% special teams. 

I understand you put most of this on T.O.   And, I’m not saying that Tony doesn’t have too many INT/FUM.  But to analyze his first December, when he wasn’t even the starter at the beginning of the year – well many/most QB’s struggle their first few games (even their first few years).  Last year the Cowboys were 13-3 and the last game of the season was a throw-away while they rested their players.  So in your December analysis we’re looking at (1) his first year and (2) a year he led the team to 13 wins.  And that’s enough for people to convict him?  Oh, and 1 sub-freezing coming off a broken pinky, with no running game, with a defensive and special teams collapse – and we’re talking “he sucks”?  I don’t think so.  I’d bet there are about 25 teams out there who would kick their QB to the curb in about a nano-second to have Tony Romo for the next 8 years. 

And as far as your reference to the famous “field goal snap”…  that game was lost by Terry Glenn, who fumbled on the 1 yard line, giving their opponent a safety.  Barring that, there is no field goal attempt.  In addition, the ball was about 4 inches short of a first down.  If that candy-ass, sack-less kicker had just gotten in the defender’s path just a little bit, it’s a Cowboys 1st down. 

Tony Romo is in his 2nd full season and you’re calling him a choke artist?  Peyton entered the league in 1998 and got a ring in…2006.  For all the millenia that the almighty Favre made amazing passes and record-setting interceptions, he’s only got 1 ring…but he seems to be doin’ OK and I don’t hear him called out as a choke-artist. 

Tony Romo has played 2 seasons.  Let’s calm down just a little bit. 

They’ve got injuries to skill players on offense and their safeties and cornerbacks are dropping like flies.  They’re probably going to miss the playoffs and if they do make it, it’s likely one and done. 

Full Disclosure: I’m a born and raised Cowboys fan. 

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Cowboys woes

Well, the Cowboys no longer have to worry about winning with ‘style points’, as was the case 2 weeks ago against the Bengals.  After that win, the fans and media complained that while the Cowboys won…they didn’t win “good enough”.  For the foreseeable future, it will be back as it should be: A win is a win. 

This week the Cowboys suffered injuries to: Tony Romo/QB/Broken finger (throwing hand) – 4 weeks  Mat McBriar/P/Broken Foot – 8 weeks (most likely I.R., out for season), Felix Jones/RB/Hamstring – Unknown, Sam Hurd/WR/Ankle surgery – Unknown, Terrence Newman/CB/Sports Hernia – 4 weeks.  In addition, Adam Jones was in an incident and may face a short suspension. 

Newman and Hurd injuries weren’t new, but the decision to have surgery came down this week. 

So now any win the Cowboys can muster up is a good win.  The Cowboys have 3 games in the next 4 weeks: St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and New York (Giants).  The 4th week is their bye week.  They need to pull it together and win 1 of these 3.  If they can pull off 2 out of those 3, it would be magnificent. 

How do they do it?  When Bledsoe was playing he was getting hit every time he dropped back.  Brad Johnnson is probably less mobile and definitely doesn’t have the arm that Drew had.  When Tony got back there, that line started looking a lot better – Tony made things happen.  No longer can the defense have the mindset that they always have Tony back their to bail them out.  The Cowboys defense, which has had so many high draft picks, needs to play

So here’s the thought – Hey Defense, how about you win 1 of these games?  If the D can go out there and crush one of those offenses (presumably the Rams), then we win 10 to 6.   If the D can stand strong and the offense can step it up, then we might be able to get one of the other games, 17-14. 

This assumes that the Special Teams fixes its issues. 

As for Adam Jones, if any of us received a final ultimatum and deal for millions of dollars, and basically the only stipulation was “don’t go to bars/clubs/etc. during the football season”, we could pull it off.  Turn your phone off and work – you’ll live.  I don’t really get it, but I can see how you don’t do it for the love of the game, for your team, for your fans, for your boss who gave you the second chance…but why not at least do it for yourself?  Great players would do it for the love of the game and for their team, so at best Adam Jones is a “good” player.  Hopefully he won’t get suspended but if he does, I won’t be surprised.

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Pacman on the cheap

The last Pacman post said “If the trade is favorable” – and no doubt it’s favorable.  The Cowboys are taking a shot on Pacman and in return are giving up…a fourth round draft pick.  That’s a steal, with the “if’s”: If he’s re-instated and if he stays out of trouble.  The former is insured, we’ll get our pick back in 2009.  On the latter, he’s got no guaranteed money.  He’ll be as unpredictable as an injury or as a 1st round draft pick – there is risk everywhere.  Thumbs up to this deal.

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The Dallas Cowboys are considering trading for Pacman Jones

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