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The #1 Name in Murder Fantasy

Let’s face the facts.  The incinidiary language, the anger, the talk of violence, the talk of assanination – it comes almost completely from the right.  Not that you can’t find an example or two, but it’s hard to imagine a mainstream voice from the left saying these things and not being ostracised by the left.  What’s worse: The anger, hatred, and overtones of violence…or the spineless hypocrisy they show when they won’t acknowledge it.  Conservatives: Embrace your hatred, violence, and bigotry.  At least then you won’t be hypocrites. 

Fox News: The #1 Name in Murder Fantasy

Bill O’Reilly’s recent “joke” about decapitating Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank was only the latest example of a demented Fox News culture that permits on-air personalities to fantasize about assassination and other forms of violence against those deemed enemies of the station, its personalities or their worldview.

During the cable channel’s 2008 election coverage, in what she later called an attempt at humor, Fox News contributor Liz Trotta linked Osama bin Laden to Barack Obama as people who both should be assassinated:

And now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama, uh Obama. Well, both, if we could. 

A week before Trotta’s “joke,” Republican primary candidate Mike Huckabee was apologizing for his own Obama assassination quip. Addressing a gathering of the National Rifle Association, Huckabee joked that a loud thud heard backstage during his address was Barack Obama diving to the floor to avoid gun shots. Months later, Huckabee was given his own Fox News show.

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GOP: Another idiot in the upper ranks

Rudy Giuliani claimed that America had “no domestic attacks under Bush. We’ve had one under Obama.”

Of course that leaves out the most notable attack that occured in the town the he was the mayor of at the time.  The attack in New York city would presumably not be forgotten by any American, certainly not by the…mayor of New York City.   Rudy notes the attempted underwear bombing in December of 2009, but has no memory of Al-Qaeda operative Richard Reid from England (shoe bomber) who tried to detonate explosives on a plane, during Bush’s administration. 

But Guiliani is the third leading Repubican to forget about 9/11. 

Dana Perino, White House press secretary under President George W. Bush from 2007 to 2009, proclaimed on Fox News: “We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term.” (The morons who watch Fox “news” likely nod their head in agreement). 

Mary Matalin remarked on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Bush “inherited the most tragic attack on our own soil in our nation’s history.”

It’s embarrassing.  I’m embarrassed that my country’s political leadership is so stupid.  These Republicans are unbelievable.

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TYT on Racism and the GOP

Some good stuff from TYT:

Fox News Host on Hip Hop murders:

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Another Terrorist-Fist-Jabber

Fox News better put the alert and let Americans know about another dangerous leader who doe the “terrorist fist jab”: The Dalai Lama

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He’s Never Seemed Smaller

This is the intro to an essay by Susan Estrich, click the link below to read the whole thing:

Smear Campaigning Should Be Beneath John McCain
Friday, October 10, 2008

By Susan Estrich

Imagine that. We’re in the midst of an international economic crisis and the McCain folks are trying to make hay out of what a guy who hosted a reception for Obama 13 years ago was doing 20 years before that.
Is William Ayers the best the McCain camp can do? The ads claim that Obama’s relationship with Ayres is somehow proof of his dangerous ambition. But it’s McCain’s blind ambition, or his campaign’s bad judgment, that is painfully on display in the newest ads.

U.S. Senator John McCain tried to use his influence to help a crook named Charlie Keating, one of the worst of the saving and loan robbers, a man who ripped off everyone in sight, including American taxpayers. That’s OK. Forgive and forget. But serving on a foundation board with a guy who engaged in radical politics decades ago? That’s a voting issue? Desperate. Dumb. You want to convince voters that you’re totally out of touch with their lives, and their fears, this is the way to do it.,2933,436341,00.html

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