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Meghan McCain rips Gingrich’s wife (and her own Mom?)

Of course, she doesn’t rip her own mom…because “that’s different”.  Like when a pro-lifer’s 19-year old college freshman daughter gets pregnant and has an abortion.  Like when a conservative’s child announces she’s gay and they suddenly start supporting alternative lifestyle (for their own kids, not yours).

“As much as you don’t like talking about Calllista Gingrich,” [Meghan] McCain told the panel of guests on “Now with Alex Wagner,” “I think the fact that she was a third wife and a mistress and is coming off somewhat icy and [her] reputation of being somewhat controversial within their campaign is doing damage. Maybe just to politicos, but I think it’s something that people, and especially values voters, will bring into the race.”

But those criticisms could equally be applied to [Meghan] McCain’s mother, Cindy McCain, who was subjected to intense media scrutiny during Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Cindy McCain began dating Sen. McCain in 1979, nearly a year before he filed for divorce from his first wife, Carol McCain.

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Political View – Nurture AND Nature

I always thought your definition of your political stance stems primarily from your parents.  From how they instilled it and taught it, as much as what they taught.  Of course, a liberal viewpoint that teaches tolerance of other views is less worried about making sure their kids think/act/vote the same way then a viewpoint that tends to remain conservative and historically less tolerant (no source is needed (sources would be longer than the post)).

But recent research may spread even more light on that.  It may be the double whammy of your parental environment combined with the genes handed down by the parents.

It also definitely explains the day and night difference in conservative vs liberal broadcasts. Conservative broadcasts are almost by rule focused on spreading fear.  Recently, the policies of Bush and Cheney were frought with motivation through fear.  And fear-mongering was a basis for the McCain and Palin campaign.


Life’s Extremes: Democrat vs. Republican

Researchers have long wondered if some people can’t help but be an extreme left-winger or right-winger, based on innate biology. To an extent, studies of the brains of self-identified liberals and conservatives have yielded some consistent trends, Schreiber said.

Two of these trends are that liberals tend to have more activity in parts of the brain known as the insula and anterior cingulate cortex. Among other functions, the two regions overlap to an extent by dealing with cognitive conflict, in the insula’s case, while the anterior cingulate cortex helps in processing conflicting information. [10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Brain]

Conservatives, on the other hand, have demonstrated more activity in the amygdala, known as the brain’s “fear center.” “If you see a snake or a picture of a snake, the amygdala will light up — it’s a threat detector,” said Iacoboni.

A study of British subjects earlier this year supported these past imaging studies with measurements of brain structure. The study showed that on average the amygdala is bigger in conservatives, likely indicating greater use of it in neurological processing. In contrast, liberals often possessed larger anterior cingulate cortexes.

Altogether, these findings suggest liberals can more easily tolerate uncertainty, which might be reflected in their shades-of-gray policy positions. In the U.S., those typically include being pro-choice and lenient on illegal immigration.

Conservatives, meanwhile, have a more binary view of threats versus non-threats. 

Adam Hadhazy, LiveScience Contributor
Date: 18 December 2011

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Perry’s Strong Ad – 2

More stuff from Perry’s ‘Strong’ ad.  More funny!

It’s too late to make the lists of top 2011 memes, but parodies of Rick Perry’s “war on religion” ad are shaping up to be a good one nevertheless.

You can see the original Rick Perry “Strong” ad here. The ad also inspired a Twitter hashtag, #XmasWarDiaries, which encouraged those fighting in the “front lines” to tweet their observations about taking elves hostage and using candy canes as weapons.

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War on Christmas

This is exactly the way Jesus planned it – making sure that major retailers don’t say anything blasphemous like “Happy Holidays”.  (Gasp… it’s so offensive I can barely type it).

Christians Winning ‘War on Christmas’

The American Family Association, a Christian group, has taken the leading role in alerting the media to the grave danger posed by retailers who avoid using the word “Christmas” in marketing materials in favor of the more neutral “holidays.”

Anyone whose faith is shaken by someone saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” is someone who’s faith is tenuous at best.  It’s these frail whining brats that drive people away more than win them over.  It’s not appealing. I don’t want to be associated with idiots like that, few people do.

Jesus spoke to me and he said he doesn’t give one rat’s ass whether retailers say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.  He said he cares what actions you take during your day.  He said he is more concerned with feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and healing the sick.  Not petty bickering by spoiled Americans about how some retailer greets them.

The difference between someone who gets upset at “Happy Holidays” and someone who gets upset about a drawing of their prophet is….almost nothing.  Both are over-sensitive children whose tantrums contribute nothing.


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Perry’s Campaign Ad – Most Unpopular on YouTube; Jesus Responds

Oh stop…it’s too funny.  These “leading candidates for the Republican nomination” are just one hysterical idiot after another.  I can’t believe this moron has been in charge of Texas for the past 12 years.  Can’t….stop…laughing…

On the less-funny front: People are really supporting these people.

Back to the enjoyment:

Jesus Responds to Rick Perry’s “Strong” Ad

Jesus Christ of Nazareth would like to take this opportunity to refute Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s most recent TV ad.

Rick Perry “Strong” Ad Is Most Unpopular YouTube Video

Rick Perry‘s confusing, low-fi, and anti-gay campaign ad became an overnight sensation, spawning dozens of parodies and memes. The video itself has rocketed past Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” as the most disliked video on YouTube, with over 600,000 dislikes to Black’s 260,000.

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