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More Arizona Cops

Ahh, Arizona…
The state that wants to give the police more authority.

Seems the only way officer Patrick Larrison could handle a little girl was to slam her against the wall:

Video shows police officer slamming girl, 15

Not that the 15-year-old girl didn’t have an ass-whipping coming her way…

But I’m sure that having a 200 pound officer run up behind her when she isn’t looking and slam her into a wall (apparently knocking her unconscious) is a real good system.

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Republicans Pro-Pollution in 2011

Republicans have vowed to fight the EPA’s attempts to set limits on pollution and is introducing bills to bar the government from using environmental law to fight pollution.

Climate change doesn’t exist – just step outside…see how cold it is today?

Pollution is healthy.

Brawndo helps plants grow – “It’s got electrolytes!!”

“Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) is expected to unveil draft legislation Wednesday that would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act.”

These same people who support pollution, who create laws to fight conservation…they are in church. How they can fight to protect polluters and still maintain straight A’s on their Christianity report card is appalling.

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Mission Accomplished! (Really)

2003 – This is what full-of-shit looks like

2011 – This is what progress looks like

Best Photoshop of the Week

Best new shirt

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Bye Bye Bush’s

Many looked at George H Bush time as commander-in-chief of Dessert Storm and view it as a failure for not disarming Saddam Hussein when he had the chance.  After invading a sovereign nation, the door was open.  (But as Cheney said at the time: If you topple Hussein, you will create a vacuum that will be filled by Islamic extremists).

After George W Bush left office, I think that his time as commander-in-chief during the Afghanistan War will be viewed as a failure (regardless of whether Obama succeeded or failed).  After all, the goal for Bush was killing Bin Laden, which he failed to do. Certainly his role as commander-in-chief during the Iraq War will be viewed as a complete and total failure of the highest magnitude.

From Prescott Bush (Google search), to George H Bush (“Read my lips: No new taxes!”), to George W Bush (“Mission Accomplished!”) … I hope that America is done with the Bush family.

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Osama Bin Gotten

The house: Bin Laden caught in a big, expensive mansion that didn’t have phone or internet service.  A smaller house wouldn’t have raised much suspicion.  But the giant house bit him on the ass.  So – Bin Laden got caught because he was living in a house far bigger than he should have been living in.  In other words, by living like many Americans!  (I guess it’s hard to resist…even for the leader of the terrorist world).

The golf course: Living next to the Abbottābad Golf Club – I wonder if it’s any good? I checked out the golf course on Google Maps…and I found some reviews of the course – in English, no less!  Oddly, all the reviews seem to be from the evening of May 2nd or later!
– One reviewer gave it 4 stars and said Hit drive on 4th hole into abandoned helicopter which then exploded. Need ruling.”
– Another gave it 5 stars, saying Good course, greens are a little fast, but the cart-girl has a beard and AK-47.”
– And another says I would have given this place 5 stars except I was 5 under thru the front 9 when my game was interrupted by helicopters and some gentlemen dressed in all black who killed 2 of my playing partners. Other than that, I would come again.”

See the reviews:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl

The military intelligence: Around the corner from the ‘Westpoint‘ of Pakistan?  Are you kidding me?  Nice job, Pakistan…ya retards.  If they’re harboring Bin Laden, maybe we should just move the troops one country to the east.  He’s sitting in a mansion next to the Westpoint of Pakistan and also just 90 miles outside of the capital of Pakistan?  Are you kidding me?   It’s Pakistan, not Kazakhstan.  They knew, right?

Like Hillary said to Pakistan in 2009: “I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are and couldn’t get them if they really wanted to.”   (By the way, that’s a bold statement.  And, she didn’t say that from her office in DC.  She said that while she was in Pakistan!  Nice work, Hillary!).

On Obama: I’d be happy if was killed on Bush’s watch.  I’d be happier if he was killed on Bush’s watch.  The sooner he’s dead, presumably the sooner the troops can return.  So he’s dead now and that’s all that matters.  Coulda, woulda, shoulda…perhaps.  If Bush would have got him, Bush would have gotten credit.  If Obama didn’t get him before the 2012 debates, he would have gotten ripped for it by the Republicans.  Was Bush focused on Afghanistan while the Obama administration looked harder at Pakistan?  I don’t know.  Certainly, Hillary was saying in no uncertain terms that she was pretty sure he was in Pakistan.

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