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Perry’s Strong Ad – 2

More stuff from Perry’s ‘Strong’ ad.  More funny!

It’s too late to make the lists of top 2011 memes, but parodies of Rick Perry’s “war on religion” ad are shaping up to be a good one nevertheless.

You can see the original Rick Perry “Strong” ad here. The ad also inspired a Twitter hashtag, #XmasWarDiaries, which encouraged those fighting in the “front lines” to tweet their observations about taking elves hostage and using candy canes as weapons.

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Herman Cain….Stupid

What an…..ID  DEEE  YUTT.  Libya????  REALLY??  Friggin’ LIBYA is a big stumbling block for you??  My God, even Sarah Palin can (probably) answer a question about Libya!!!  You can hardly find a news outlet that has not covered Libya in the past few weeks.  It’s literally….EVERYWHERE.

How can you possibly be both a presidential candidate AND be unprepared to talk about Libya???

How can you possibly have to clarify “which Libya” we’re talking about??  What the hell?  Herman Cain….what an idiot.  That is approaching the idiocy of Palin not being able to answer where she reads about current events (reading stuff….hell, reading words and such is for fancy elitist Democrats).

Unlike some of the accusations, this dumbfulness (already TM this word) I can see with my own eyes.  Watch him looking at the ceiling (no, Jesus ain’t gonna help you run your damn head or help you make up crap) and watch him jumping around in his chair.


I thought for sure this was the end of Rick Perry.  But he knew – it wasn’t the end.  His handlers looked around at the other evolution-denying idiots he’s running with and (accurately) said “these other GOP candidates are just as stupid as this one. We’re fine”.  And they’re RIGHT.  This kind of shit would be a killer for any Democrat, because the bar is MUCH higher.  Hell Howard Dean was killed by the Dems for far (far) less.  It’s nutso.

Here’s what I thought was the end of Rick.  How can a serious presidential candidate say he would get rid of the department of EDUCATION.  It’s….I’m (almost) speechless:

If not maybe this one. If you show this to someone who doesn’t know who Rick Perry is, that person will bet 10:1 that this person is totally hammered.

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Larry Taylor’s casual “Jew” slur

Larry Taylor, leader of the House Republican Caucus, very casually dropped a Jewish slur in a legislative committee hearing.  He then remembered that he was in public and and in front of microphone, and that he shouldn’t be using his household language.  He then immediately said that this was “probably” a bad term.  Probably?  There is no doubt about it.

To the insurance company and the speed at which they process claims, Larry instructed them: “Don’t nitpick, don’t try to Jew them down.”


Of course we will now all act surprised that a Republican uses racial slurs so casually.

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The Response to The Response

On Jay Leno’s show, Bill Maher said of Rick Perry:
“Here’s a guy who has a terrible drought in his state, and literally asked people to pray for rain….and now the state’s on fire“.

I’m guessing that a massive fire wasn’t “the response” Rick was hoping for when he held The Response last month.  But I guess it’s an answer!
More from Maher:

“We have a plane, the F-22, has already cost over $100 billion.  We’ve never used it.  We’ve got 3 wars going….we have never used this plane.  Phil Spector has killed more people than this plane.”

“If you were reading about some country where they were having some sort of disaster and the leader asked for the gods to fix it, you’d think they were talking about a tribal chieftan with a bone in his nose.”

“They will never like [Obama].  He’s the wrong age, the wrong party, the wrong color…and he will never pry their fear from their cold-dead-mind.”!/billmaher

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Republican Governors Refusing Stimulus – I

Rick Perry, Texas governor has stated that we would rather cut jobs and benefits for Texas residents and raise taxes on those residents, rather than receive stimulus money to help Texas balance its budget.  If Perry refuses it, it will be his last term and just like Republicans jumped ship after Bush, the same will happen in Texas.  As soon as the polling data comes back, he’ll take the money, no question about it.   


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