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What Did Kissinger Say?

Some FACTS from the recent debate:

  • Obama said McCain adviser Henry Kissinger backs talks with Iran “without preconditions,” but McCain disputed that. In fact, Kissinger did recently call for “high level” talks with Iran starting at the secretary of state level and said, “I do not believe that we can make conditions.” After the debate the McCain campaign issued a statement quoting Kissinger as saying he didn’t favor presidential talks with Iran. (Obama stated during the debate the he (Obama) was referring to Ambassadors and Secretaries and not the President). 
  • McCain tripped up on one of his signature issues – special appropriation “earmarks.” He said they had “tripled in the last five years,” when in fact they have decreased sharply.
  • McCain repeated his overstated claim that the U.S. pays $700 billion a year for oil to hostile nations. Imports are running at about $536 billion this year, and a third of it comes from Canada, Mexico and the U.K.
  • McCain misrepresented Obama’s plan by claiming he’d be “handing the health care system over to the federal government.” Obama would expand some government programs but would allow people to keep their current plans or chose from private ones, as well.
  • McCain claimed Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower had drafted a letter of resignation from the Army to be sent in case the 1944 D-Day landing at Normandy turned out to be a failure. Ike prepared a letter, but he didn’t mention resigning.

For full details, as well as other dubious claims and statements, please read our full Analysis section.

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Score 2 More for Obama

Obama vs McCain – he shoots, he scores!

On Friday Mr. McCain went so far as to say that the idea of a 16-month withdrawal, which Mr. Obama supports, was “a pretty good timetable,”

Obama vs Bush – High-level talks…now where I have heard that before?  Gooooaaaaal! 

Republicans also say the administration’s decision to authorize high-level talks with Iran and North Korea has undercut Mr. McCain’s skepticism about engagement with those countries.

I wonder else he’s right about? 


New York Times
Elisabeth Bumiller

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Iran, Saudi – enough oil to buy the USA

How much would it take to buy the US? At today’s prices, the net worth of the USA is roughly equal to 400 billion barrels.

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Nukes: Everywhere but Iraq

A top U.S. official said an alleged nuclear reactor was being built by Syria with North Korean design help and was weeks or months from being functional before Israeli jets destroyed it.

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