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Abuse of Power to Ethics Violations

Amazing what you can do in your first 20 months.  So this is the “executive experience” that Sarah brings? 

  • Abuse of power (guilty),
  • Ethics violations (probe in progress)
  • $17,000 in per diem tax dollars for sleeping in her own bed
  • Airline tickets and hotels for the family to watch Todd in a snowmobile race… 

After being found guilty of abusing her power as governor in the so-called “troopergate” scandal over the firing of her ex-brother-in-law, Palin now faces a second probe over whether she violated ethics rules in the affair.;_ylt=AjHwJaaTvU1BFlwxM6rTMFus0NUE

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nBy the Numbers: Palin’s Record

 John McCain, presumptive GOP nominee for months. He had tons (TONS) of time to research and vet a running mate suitable to be the President. Selecting Palin is not just a blow to his own campaign but to the whole party.

It appears it may have come from the greatness of the Huffington Post.  Here’s a sampling, see the whole list at the great Huffington Post website. 



Sarah Palin may lie, but numbers don’t. Her record speaks for itself.  

2007: the year in which Sarah Palin first obtained a passport (Source)

the approximate number of hours Palin spent on a refueling layover in Ireland, which the McCain campaign cited as part of her foreign policy experience (

the number of times John McCain specifically criticized earmarks requested by Sarah Palin when she was mayor of Wasilla, citing them as examples of wasteful spending (

the amount of federal earmarks Alaska residents will receive per capita in 2008, the highest level of any state (Source)

the number of nights during her first 19 months in office that Palin charged taxpayers a “per diem” totaling $16,951 for staying in her own home — an allowance intended to cover meals and incidental expenses while traveling on state business (Source)

$453 million: the total amount of earmarks Palin has asked U.S. taxpayers to fund for Alaska projects over the past two years, despite McCain’s insistence that she hasn’t sought earmarks or special-interest spending from Congress (Source) 

$500 to $1,200: the fee that Wasilla charged rape victims to pay for post-sexual assault medical exams, after the city cut funds during Palin’s tenure that had previously covered the exams (Source) 

25: the percentage by which Palin raised the sales tax in Wasilla to pay for a sports center, despite claims that she cut taxes (Source 

0: Wasilla’s long-term debt when Palin took office in 1996 (Source) 

$18.6 million: the long-term debt Palin racked up by the time she left office in 2002, amounting to about $3,000 per resident (Source) 

$150: the cash payment offered by the Palin administration to hunters who turn in legs of freshly killed wolves gunned down from airplanes (Source) 

500: the number of Fortune 500 companies Sarah Palin is not qualified to run, according to McCain adviser Carly Fiorina (Source)

15: The number of minutes McCain and Palin spent together during their only meeting prior to the interview in which McCain offered her the vice presidential slot (Source) 

50: the number of days after Palin announced she “will fully cooperate” with an ethics investigation into the “Troopergate” scandal that the McCain campaign announced she was “unlikely to cooperate” because it had been “hijacked” by Obama operatives. The probe was unanimously authorized by a bipartisan panel of eight Alaska Republicans and four Democrats. (Source) 



How Palin became VP:  (McCain cites PTA experience).  

Right to Know:


Got $5?


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Palin’s VP Debate: The Bar Could Not Be Lower

From the Independent/Swing-voter viewpoint, the candidate who was most presidential was resoundingly Biden. 

There are some in a tizzy that Palin “exceeded expectations” by not completely struggling.  To that group we smile happily and nod our head as they gush about how she didn’t drive the the GOP bus off the cliff. We politely acknowledge her success, much like when a co-worker happily shares how their child passed his math test after the 3rd try.  It’s a long way from the honor roll, but hey – they’re excited so we smile.  We don’t ask what the grade was, it’s just ‘pass’.  We don’t bring up the first two tests.  We soft-sell that our child passed it the first time and got an ‘A’.

We can all be happy for her making it over a bar that could not have been set any lower.  And then we look at Joe.  Here’s a short look at what the writer’s are saying about the VP debate:


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Sarah – It’s Pronounced Noo-clee-er

Sarah Palin, I would like to help: when in doubt…sound it out!  It’s nuclear, not nukular.  

This type of thing doesn’t do anything to help you look knowledgeable or prepared (or differentiate you from “dubya”).  We know from your Couric intervew that you don’t read national/world events (and can’t even rattle off the name of a news magazine)…so it’s importnat that you at least try to talk like the smart people, OK? 

Between the McSame policies, and you talking like a redneck…y’all two seem to be just exactly the same as we done-did got!  (hey, I’m not running for the 2nd highest office). 

The same holds true for leaving the ‘g’ off of ‘ing’, like: runnin’, thinkin’, sharin’.  Also the same for ‘ya’ instead of ‘you’.  True – many of us talk like that in casual conversation.  But during job interviews it is appropriate to address your interviewer (in your case, American voters) with ‘Yes’ and not ‘yup’ or ‘ya’

You see, you have a reputation as someone who came out of the backwoods and using slang/broken English doesn’t help fight that image. 

Also, next time you’re in a debate – get your hair cut so it’s not in your eyes.  And if you plan to be smilin’ and gigglin’ and shakin’ your head, then you don’t want to wear danglin’ earrings.  That brings a bimbo appearance.  Smiling ear-to-ear while talking about economic disasters and wars is not a good choice becuase you look like a talking head news reporter.  It’s like there is a disconnect when you use the “smiley-happy” voice when you should be using the “somber-sad” voice. 

You attended five schools to get one bachelor’s degree in journalism and McCain finished 894 out of 899. It’s tough for you two go-getters to compete against Obama and Biden…it’s like Beavis and Butthead versus Holmes and Watson. 

We’re more than a little concerned about your ability to run the nation, if needed.  So please try to cut down on the redneck bimbo weather-girl appearance.

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President Palin?

McCain’s health – wow.  In addittion to a deadly form of skin cancer that has a high probability of recurrence (a probability that increases as time passes.  It’s ‘when’, not ‘if’), he is on 6 different types of medications for his kidneys, high blood pressure, arhtritis, and other maladies.  He suffers from vertigo and has high blood pressure. 

Watch this video, it’s very thought-provoking and very worrisome.  Should he need melanoma treatment, he would not be able to serve as president.  Palin would be in charge of the free world?   

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Morford on Palin

Mark Morford on Palin:

Truly, among women in the know and especially among those who fought so hard to bring Hillary Clinton to the brink of history, nausea and a general recoiling appear to be the universal reactions to Palin’s sudden presence on the national stage, stemming straight from the idea that there’s even a slight chance in hell such an antagonistic, anti-female politico could be within a 72-year-old heartbeat of becoming the most powerful and iconic woman of all time.

They say: You’ve got to be kidding me. They say: This is what we get? This could be our historic role model? Two hundred years (OK, more like 2000) of struggle, only to have this nasty caricature of femininity try to hijack and mock and undermine it all? 

It cannot be true, they say. The universe must be joking; it would not dare dump such a homophobic, Creationist evangelical nutball on us, this anti-choice, God-pandering woman who’s the inverse of Hillary, this woman of deep inexperience who abhors birth control and supports abstinence education and shoots exhausted wolves from helicopters and hates polar bears and actually stands for everything progressive women have resented since the first pope Swift-Boated Eve.


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On Charging Rape Victims for Their Exam

Here’s a story involving Palin and Biden:

In 2000, then-Governor Tony Knowles signed a bill in Alaska that ensured law enforcement around the state would pay for the processing of “Rape Kits” – forensics evidence collected in rape cases. Seemed common sense enough. Knowles noted, correctly, that we don’t charge robbery victims the cost of dusting for prints, so why would be charge rape victims the cost of gathering evidence to apprehend their assailant?

Except one little town objected, and had previously refused to foot the bill to solve rape cases – Wasilla, under Mayor Sarah Palin.
 – Huffington Post 09/12/08

Palin approved charging rape victims for their own exam.
Biden passed legislation requiring cities to remove this (idiotic) law.
What’s even more shocking…is that someone voted against Biden’s legislation as recently as 2007 as well as initially in 1994.  Who was it?  Watch to find out or click the links below on Biden’s legislation below. 

Biden brings legislation providing free rape kits for evidence collection:

charges rape victims for their own medical exams and evidence collection:

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