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Killing Poachers…Legal!

Wow!  I guess there are some concerns about justice.  But since there are so few tigers left, the desperate measures may be called for.  I’m OK with it.   

“A state in India has a novel idea of how to protect endangered tigers from poachers: Kill the poachers! The Western Indian state of Maharashtra now allows forest guards to shoot poachers on sight. They will also send more rangers into forests and offer covert payments to informers in attempts to curb the killings. India is home to nearly half of the world’s tiger population, and poaching remains a serious problem there: 14 tigers have been killed this year, more than all of 2011, with eight dying in Maharashtra.”

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Holding hands? This state says ‘Wait until marriage’

Tennessee….always Tennessee.   

Tennessee lawmakers don’t want teenagers having sex, which is why Sex Education courses in Tennessee public schools teach kids that abstinence is the way to go. Concerned that telling teens to draw the line at sexual intercourse might not be getting the job done, however, the Tennessee State Senate recently voted 28-1 to prohibit Sex-Ed instructors, including any outside individuals or groups invited to address the students, from demonstrating or promoting “gateway sexual activity.”

The law itself is pretty vague about the meaning of “gateway sexual activity,” but the basic idea is that something less may lead to something more, the way some people believe that marijuana use leads to dangerous drugs or a cold beer on a hot afternoon is the first step toward weeklong benders in Tijuana.

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