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Shared Article: Plan To Make Silicon Valley Own State Gets Green Light To Collect Votes

I like it, except for the Silicon Valley “super-state”. You shouldn’t just carve out one section for the wealthy. Is the goal is to improve the whole region, that doesn’t seem to meet the goal. That state would only have its own interest at heart, which would be to protect its wealth from others.

I’ve often wondered: what would the world look like without the Louisiana Purchase?

Thomas Jefferson had perhaps the greatest “stamp”on the world..from his role as Founding Father to his role as the first Secretary of State, to his Presidency.

Without the Louisiana Purchase, does that layer become its own country? Does the Southwest break from Mexico? Is there a “Plans Nation” like on Revolution? Is the Northwest is own country? California? And is DI, what are global politics like without the USA..if we were a little more decentralized? Would we have to have to work together mute…have more unity in our decisions with each other and with the world?

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