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Catholic warning about racism to Republican candidates

For the right, protecting life is solely about abortion. There’s no interest in providing pre-natal care or medical care. And the moment the birth is announced, they don’t give a shit about the kid – especially if it isn’t white.  Not only do they spend a large percentage of time railing about cutting back on assisting the poor (another real “WWJD” leadership moment from the Christian Republicans), but these cuts are always associated with black people on welfare.  Yet the race who who receives the largest percentage of  food stamps is white.  And if it’s not black, it’s about how hispanics are destroying the economy because they get so many food stamps.  The “other immigrant status” of recipients accounts for 3% of total distribution.  3% isn’t changing the world.  It would be better if it were 2% or 1%, sure. But 3% is hardly bringing America too it’s knees nor is it ruining the entire system – and it’s certainly not a widespread problem.

Catholics Warn Gingrich, Santorum On Race Baiting

The signers of the open letter, which was released Friday (Jan. 20), cited Gingrich’s repeated criticisms of Barack Obama as a “food stamp president” who encourages government dependency for the poor, especially for African-Americans.

They also criticized Santorum’s statement that he does not want “to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.” 

“Some presidential candidates now courting ‘values voters’ seem to have forgotten that defending human life and dignity does not stop with protecting the unborn,” the authors write.

“We remind Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Santorum that Catholic bishops describe racism as an ‘intrinsic evil’ and consistently defend vital government programs such as food stamps and unemployment benefits that help struggling Americans.”

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, [over] one-third of food-stamp recipients are white, while 22 percent are African-American and 16 percent Hispanic. Some 41 percent of all recipients live in households where family members are employed. Surveys show that strong majorities of Americans say they do not want food stamp programs cut.


Food Stamp Participants:

Catholics issue warning on racism:

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Larry Taylor’s casual “Jew” slur

Larry Taylor, leader of the House Republican Caucus, very casually dropped a Jewish slur in a legislative committee hearing.  He then remembered that he was in public and and in front of microphone, and that he shouldn’t be using his household language.  He then immediately said that this was “probably” a bad term.  Probably?  There is no doubt about it.

To the insurance company and the speed at which they process claims, Larry instructed them: “Don’t nitpick, don’t try to Jew them down.”


Of course we will now all act surprised that a Republican uses racial slurs so casually.

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Ron Paul on Neo-Cons

The thing I admire about Ron Paul is his ability to stand by his views and beliefs.  His view on a given topic doesn’t usually change depending on skin color or religion. 

In Ron Paul’s statement of August 20th, he takes a (well-deserved) swipe at the racist underpinnings of the ne0-conservatives, pointing out the groups fatal flaws of hypocrisy in its stances and racism/prejudice in its actions.

Some of the greatest hits from his article:

It is repeatedly said that 64% of the people, after listening to the political demagogues, don’t want the mosque to be built. What would we do if 75% of the people insist that no more Catholic churches be built in New York City? The point being is that majorities can become oppressors of minority rights as well as individual dictators. Statistics of support is irrelevant when it comes to the purpose of government in a free society – protecting liberty.

The fact that so much attention has been given the mosque debate, raises the question of just why and driven by whom?  In my opinion it has come from the neo-conservatives who demand continual war in the Middle East and Central Asia and are compelled to constantly justify it.They never miss a chance to use hatred toward Muslims to rally support for the ill-conceived preventative wars.

The justification to ban the mosque is no more rational than banning a soccer field in the same place because all the suicide bombers loved to play soccer.

We invade and occupy Iraq where no al Qaeda existed prior to 9/11.

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Capturing the racist vote

Not everyone who votes Republican is racist.  But everyone who is racist does vote Republican. 

Three Democratic African-American lawmakers – including civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis of Georgia – said demonstrators against the health care bill yelled racist epithets at them as they walked past. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri said a protester spit at him. Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, an openly gay Democrat, said protesters yelled anti-gay comments at him.

Cleaver released a statement late Saturday saying he…was called the “n” word as he walked to the Capitol for a vote and that he was spat on by one protester who was arrested by U.S. Capitol Police. Cleaver declined to press charges against the man. 
March 21: 

While these Congressmen were walking to work, conservatives were screaming racial slurs at them that would get you thrown out of churches, schools, and just about any place of business.  This from the same group, of course, who said disrespecting Washington leadership is un-American.  Kinda puts the whole Natalie Manes thing in perspective.

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TYT on Racism and the GOP

Some good stuff from TYT:

Fox News Host on Hip Hop murders:

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Firefighters, New Haven, & 4 Judges

The case was white people who didn’t want to give raises to other white people!  This is not even a story – not really (not a good one, certainly).  Here’s how our tale goes:

The city council of New Haven, which is 100% white, decided to throw away their test.  This pisses off all the mostly white plaintiffs (one plaintiff was Hispanic).  The mostly-white plaintiffs sue the city.  The court examines the case, determines that no laws have been broken, and rules in favor of the all-white city council.  The city does not have to give out the raises. 

The case is appealled and this time a panel of judges rules in favor of the city council.  At this point, 4 out of 4 judges have reviewed the case and found that no laws were broken. 

Now as a result, one of the 4 judges is “clearly a racist”, as the story is told by Republican writers, talk-show hosts, and bloggers.  Every time the ball doesn’t bounce their way, they’re playing the Race Card.  “Oh, it’s so hard to be white.  A white man can’t get a break.” 

Republicans and their racism….all the time. 

 The question to the court is “Does this city have the legal right to change its test and/or deny promotions”. If someone doesn’t have that straight, they’re either aiming to distort the truth, or they’re confused.

The ruling by the court was that by the law – as its written by the legislators: the city of New Haven did not violate any statutes.

  1. The city didn’t want to give them the promotion.
  2. The plaintiffs sued and the court said:  No laws broken.  The city has the legal right to deny the promotion.
  3. Next….In the appellate court, a 3-judge panel agreed with (1) the city and (2) the ruling by the first court.

This judge didn’t swoop in and deny promotions. The city pulled the test, the 1st court backed the city. Then a team of judges backed the 1st court, which backed the city. This is a non-story.  Republicans, you can go back to burning science books. 

Abigail Thernstrom seems to have mis-understood what the court was ruling on.  But as a member of the conservative think-tank American Enterprise Institute, it’s not surprising that she’s prattling on about how white people are losing power and other races are ruining America and how much better it was in the 50’s.

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Diversity & Democrats

All in all – we do have 2 viable presidential candidates to illustrate that diversity is by and large accepted by the great majority of Democrats.  Turnout at elections has been record-setting.  So for the largest percentile, the Democratic voters appear to accept diversity.  The race for the highest office in the country is no longer limited only to white men.  Eventually, the conservatives will be dragged along with us – as they were with suffrage and desegregation. 


 In this discussion, the question is: Should Hillary discourage the votes of racists? 


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Church & State?

Girl, 6, thrown on fire for being ‘lowest class’

Want prayer in school, intelligent design, and other mergers of church & state?  Try Afghanistan where women aren’t allowed to read or go out after dark.  Try out India and enjoy that theocracy: 

 A man [late teens], incensed that a 6-year-old girl chose to walk through a path reserved for upper caste villagers, pushed her into burning embers.

Hindus believe there are five main groups of people, four of which sprang from the body of the first man.  Dalits are considered so low in the social order that they don’t even rank among the four classes that make up the caste system.

“Dalits are seen to pollute higher caste people if they come in touch with them, hence the ‘untouchables,’. If a higher caste Hindu is touched by, or even had a Dalit’s shadow fall across them, they consider themselves to be polluted and have to go through a rigorous series of rituals to be cleansed.”


I’m happy I was born into your relatively nice life here, b/c I could have been born a Dalit. 

Teach your kids religion and faith at home, that’s YOUR job.  The state should not be teaching children about faith and spirituality.  


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