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Wolf Puppies!

Dear Guardian,

Early summer-the time each year when hopes blossom and new lives begin. Now is when young wolf pups and bobcat kittens first venture out of their dens. They will start to explore the world with fresh curiosity and an eagerness shared by youth everywhere. With so few Mexican wolves roaming the wild, each new youngster holds the promise of regeneration for this endangered species-but brutal leg-hold traps litter the New Mexican landscape and are a real threat to these puppies and kittens.

Thanks to your financial, moral and “boots-on-the-ground” support,
WildEarth Guardians continues our fight for the Mexican wolf, and wildlife everywhere.

Since 2002, Mexican wolves have been caught in traps. They’ve endured painful injuries, amputations and death. And since 2000, approximately 25,000 New Mexican bobcats have been trapped and killed so their fur could be shipped overseas to profit a handful of trappers. Thousands of untold¬† other animals have also been maimed and killed.

Right now, WildEarth Guardians seeks to end public lands trapping in New Mexico for all species including lobos, bobcats, gray foxes, badgers, and more.

Today I’m asking you to join me in committing to end the slaughter by becoming a WildEarth Guardians monthly donor.¬† Please add your monthly commitment of
$5, $10, $20 or more each month to mine-I give $20 each month.

Together we can give Guardians the financial security it needs to end trapping on public lands in New Mexico.

We are working to pass a bill that will ban trapping and expect it to be introduced in early 2013. Before then we need to continue building the public pressure by securing business, community and stakeholder backing that supports our
legislative champions. We need to dominate the media with messages about the cruel dangers and consequences of trapping.

Please join me in making a gift to secure a humane future for the wildlife of the Southwest. Our world is better when it’s shared with howling wolves, yipping coyotes, and purring bobcats.

For the Wolves,

Kevin Gaither-Banchoff
Development Director
WildEarth Guardians

P.S. Learn more about our campaign to Ban Traps here.

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