The ‘You Lie’ rifle part

January 14, 2011 at 1:04 am Leave a comment

Here’s another bridge of Republican politics and weapons. A South Carolina weapons maker was selling semi-automatic rifle parts with the inscription “You Lie”.  The phrase was made famous when Republican congressman Joe Wilson attempted, in Conservative fashion, to shout down the President during  presidential address.  High school children have more decorum and class than Joe Wilson.  And from the party that railed on how saying you’re embarrassed by Bush is unforgiveable and means that you hate America…it’s hypocrisy of the highest order. Had a Democrat done that during a Bush speech the reaction from Conservatives would…well that’s another story. 

So since it was a Conservative doing the complaining, and not being done to a Conservative, it was of course heroic (and not hypocritical).  And in another example of anti-Democrat views tied to guns or threats…it was immediately inscribed on semi-automatic parts. 

Last night on MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said, “what other message could we take from having ‘you lie’ on a weapon, a statement that was thrown at President Obama.”

Boxer went on to mention a sticker for sale, that has already been sold out, depicting a donkey — the symbol of the Democratic party — shot five times. The sticker has the words “Liberal Hunting License” written above the donkey and “No Bag Limit” below.

Ultimately, while conservatives frantically defend their hateful rhetoric in the aftermath of the Arizona shooting, Wilson’s “you lie” assault rifle is a good reminder of how low they’ve sunk.

Joe Wilson at Palmetto Armory

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