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Palin was at a conference in Dallas, TX in April of 2008. During the conference, her water broke…1 month early.  She stayed at the conference and delivered a THIRTY minute speech. Bizarre? It gets crazier. So, water breaks, she cleans up and gives a long speech.  Next…She went to DFW and boarded an airplane bound for Anchorage, instead of going to a Dallas hospital that has a NICU (neo-natal I.C.U.).  That’s a 7 hour flight, minimum (not counting security and all that).  Airlines will let you fly late in pregnancy but not after the water has broken. 


OK – After arriving in Anchorage, she then drives another hour, PAST the 2 NICU’s in Anchorage – to a hospital that doesn’t have NICU.  This is a premature baby along with those risks, but its also a premature baby that was known through early testing to have Down Syndrome. 


What kind of decision-making process is this?? (This is a VP candidate??)


Some say that what happened is that and Palin was never really pregnant – and that’s not what I’m saying here.  Whatever (the speculation is that this was her 16-year old daughter’s child). Palin says it’s hers so fine, it’s hers…that’s not the issue.  The is issue is…what the hell? Either way, it’s a lot of CRAZY.

—-  Your water breaks, then, you give a 30 minute speech, then you skip all the Dallas hospitals, then you fly for 8 hours while in labor without anyone noticing, then skip past more NICU’s to drive to tiny-town hospital.  That’s friggin’ weird.   



NBC News affiliate in Anchorage:

Anchorage Daily News:


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