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TSA did not properly ‘sell’ this to Americans

1) All pilots and all flight attendants are excluded from pat-downs and scanners??  What’s the friggin’ point, then?  Either we all are subject to the rules or we’re going to have an issue.  So the rationale is that it’s impossible for a terrorist to be disguised as a flight-attendant? It’s impossible to fake an ID badge? 

2) A bomb on a plane is not the only method terrorists have to kill 200 people.  But it’s the only one where very excessive scanning is used.

3) We’re not in any more danger of an air-based attack than we were in 2000 or even in 1990.  Yes, danger is there – but there is a privacy issue here that appears to have not been properly vetted and a process that was not properly sold to the American citizens. 

Can this issue be sold to Americans?  I think so.  Market it a little better.  Mainly…illustrate how much more effective it is.  If it’s SO much more effective, buy-in is more likely.  Address the concerns about privacy. What if the screener is someone we know?  How can we be sure the system isn’t keeping images or that there is no way an individual screener can circumvent the system to keep images (or simply take photos of the screen – cameras can be very small).  What is the punishment for anyone who is caught – is it considered as a severe misuse of power that carries mandatory jailtime?  While the shock will wear off and it’s likely something that we’ll simply get used to – the name of the TSA has been forever soiled because of the poor (completely absent) method of selling this to Americans.  A portion of the issue at hand is that the TSA said “Here’s what you’re going to do as a condition of traveling by air and there is nothing you can do about it!”  Well – Americans don’t like being told there’s nothing we can do.  It’s a challenge to us.  Why the TSA wanted to ‘dare us’ to do something about it is beyond me.  Whoever is running that show should be replaced. 

Here is a good report on showdowns between citizens and screeners:


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TSA Checkpoints: Self-Segregated

From, an interesting new attempt at making checkpoints less of a hell:  

In an effort to ease traveler anxiety and maybe even improve airport security, the Transportation Security Administration is rolling out a new setup where fliers are asked to self-segregate into different screening lanes depending on their security prowess. There are lanes for “Expert Travelers,” who know the drill cold; “Casual Travelers,” who run the airport gauntlet infrequently; and people with small children or special needs who move slowly through screening.

The self-segregation is based on how ski slopes work. If you’re planning to go slow and you don’t want to be rushed by experts, you go down green slopes. If you’re an expert you can go down the green slope, but you’ll see kids and amateurs along the way and you’ll have to be patient. The black slopes are for experts who plan to move quickly. If you’re an amateur you can still go down the blacks, but you will be rushed and crowded by experts on the black slopes.


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