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God’s Wrath – Part 2?

If the hurricane that hit New Orleans and the 9/11 attacks were god’s wrath against tolerance of gays and other ‘liberal sins’, then isn’t the 2-year drought in Texas (worst on record) also god’s wrath for the behavior of conservatives in Texas and Oklahoma?


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Texas Schools to ‘Revisit’ Evolution

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas State Board of Education meets this week for the first time under its conservative new chairwoman appointed by Gov. Rick Perry and is expected to rekindle the debate over teaching evolution and the origin of life in public schools.

Are you kidding me??  I learned this was settled decades ago in the Scopes Monkey Trial.  This is scary.

Perry, who is considering a run for president and has embraced social conservatives in Texas, named Barbara Cargill chairwoman earlier this month. Cargill, a biology teacher considered to be one of the more conservative board members, disputes the theory of evolution and voted to require that the theory’s weaknesses be taught in classrooms.

Dinosaurs were not “Jesus-ponies”. 

The board has been known to make controversial moves. It adopted a social studies and history curriculum last year that amended or watered down the teaching of religious freedoms, the civil rights movement, America’s relationship with the United Nations and hundreds of other items.

In one of the most significant changes, the board diluted the rationale for the separation of church and state in a high school government class.

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Texas man executed for 9/11 revenge killing

“If you come to Texas and kill someone….we’ll kill you back.”  — Ron White.

In a solid display of justice, Mark Stroman was executed for targeting and killing Muslims after 9/11.|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk2|79799

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