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Welcome Back Ball Control

If he was unhappy about the number of passes last year, when we were down to our 3rd string RB, then he was going to be miserable this year. With the 3 “Beasts in the Backfield“, we can get by without him. After all, let’s count up all the playoff wins we’ve had with Owens here.

I hope to see a lot more running in 2009 from the Cowboys (think Aikman-era Cowboys).  I’d like to see them wearing down defenses with that RB trio. Roy Williams and Jason Witten are good receivers.  Miles Austin looks interesting. Sam Hurd is also interesting and he has some serious wheels. 

Crayton is fairly solid, but I’m not sure about his future as a Cowboy.  When you have have 38 TD’s and 3,600 yards over the past 3 years, you are given a longer leash (T.O.).  When your 3 year total is 15 TD’s and 1,700 yards (Crayton)…you shut your pie-hole or you get traded. 

So bye-bye TO.  It was fun while it lasted.  We enjoyed having you here but in the end you wore us out with all the complaining (’re 35).  And you gotta pick your battles.  If you want to go out in the public eye and talk about how (pick a name), say Flozell Adams, is a sorry son-of-a-gun, you can probably win that battle.  But Witten?  As we’re watching images of him running down the Link with his helmet off showing how much he wants to win, as we’re seeing him out there with broken ribs (amazing), as we watch him play with a broken jaw just showing what a beast he is, as we’re thinking about how he’s always walked the straight and narrow and been a team player…Owens sitting in front of a camera whining, complaining, and calling out his teammates (very popular ones) and coaches.  That’s a good idea, right? 

Bye-Bye vertical offense, hello ball control.  With a decrease in WR talent, a little more runing is in order.


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