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Arizona – Good place to be a lawyer

That new law in Arizona on immigration (SB 1070) is generating a lot of business for lawyers.  If you’re a lawyer, better consider getting an apartment in Arizona!  Obviously any citizen who is wrongly held in jail is going to sue the state or county.  There are several suits by civil rights groups already named against the state.  But there’s more.  Even the citizens and the Arizona cities are getting on the action to sue the state of Arizona:

The law enables citizens to sue their local law enforcement agencies if they feel the law is not being enforced. 
Some municipalities in Arizona, including Flagstaff and Tuscon, are suing the state over the law.
The Wall St Journal reports the Department of Justice is likely to sue the state.  CBS reports that police chiefs from across the US met recently with the DOJ to express their dissatisfaction with the Arizona law.

If Arizona enforces the law, they will face lawsuits from civil rights groups, cities, and citizens. 
If Arizon does not enforce the law, they will face lawsuits from citizens. 

That’s a lot of lawsuits!  And more specifically, a lot of lawyer bills.  I think the whole thing was designed by lawyers as a get-richer strategy (successfully).  


I guess this law is going to generate a lot of new revenue for the state of Arizona?  (I don’t think so).  It seems like a pretty expensive risk for an immigration program that conservative think-tank Goldwater Institute says has had a negative effect on public safety.” 

I’m curious to see how the voters respond when the local fired department cuts it staff.  When the school their kids go to cuts programs and teachers.  I’m curious how they’ll react when property taxes increase, and sales taxes increase. 

But lawsuits aren’t the end of it:  Multiple cities in other states are moving to cut off their economic ties with Arizona in protest.  By the first week in May: “the state has lost between $6 million and $10 million in projected business revenue, with 23 group hotel bookings–from small meetings to large conventions–having been canceled in protest since the stroke of Brewer’s pen, according to the Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association. (This in addition to calls for Major League Baseball to pull its 2011 All-Star Game from Phoenix, and a wave of criticism from the sports world.)”

And when you add to it the cops like Marcus Jackson who are employed by Arizona…   I hope the taxpayers in Arizona are ready to start paying more to fund vacations and boats and summer houses for lawyers.  Because the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act” is really the “Support Our Lawyers Act“. 


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