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Bikers in NY: Deserving

Mieses, Cruz, and the other bikers cornering an SUV – and then complaining that they got hurt is like…

…a burglar complaining that a homeowner shot him.
…someone sticking their arm into a lion’s cage and complaining that they got bit.
…hyenas cornering an elephant and complaining they got trampled.

If a pedestrian tries to carjack a man in an SUV and then gets run over…that’s the fault of the car jacker. If a motorcycle gang threatens a man in his SUV and then some of the riders get run over…that’s the fault of the hyenas who decided to corner an elephant.

Do bad things, bad things happen. That’s the way it goes. I am not going to lose sleep over some idiots getting run over. No more sleep than an idiot getting their arm bitten off dangling it in front of a tiger. If you (Christopher Cruz) initiate an attack on something bigger and stronger than you and you get hurt in the process…tough shit.

And there were off duty police officers I this gang?? What chicken-shit police commissioner hasn’t already fired these guys?

These are adult bullies and nobody cares when a bully gets knocked down.

If you’re on a motorcycle, I keep extra distance to keep you safe….because you are on a motorcycle and it’s REALLY dangerous for you amongst cars (especially SUVs).

If you start thinking motorcycles make you invincible when you get around 20 friends…you are an idiot. I know that even idiots deserve compassion…but it’s hard.

Mieses’ family members need someone to blame? Mieses shouldn’t have tried to corner and threaten an SUV driver (who didn’t have the luxury of having 25 friends with him).

My fourth grade teacher once warned me: “Don’t news with the bull, boy, or you’ll get the horns.”


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