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Nationwide Health Care Reform Ads

Go Earth! —

I wrote to you last week asking for your help to produce and air a powerful new ad about why doctors and nurses around the country are standing up for health insurance reform. The response was extraordinary — thousands of OFA supporters chipped in over $600,000 in just a few days, blowing away our $300,000 goal.

So now we have a tremendous opportunity. We’re putting the finishing touches on the ad, just in time for a week of crucial negotiations in Congress that could determine the final shape of health reform. If we reach $1 million by Wednesday, we can pull the trigger on an ambitious plan.

We’ll focus the energy of staff across the country on this key campaign, hold events with doctors and nurses, and air the ad coast-to-coast to elevate their trusted voices at this critical moment.

Will you donate $15 or more now to help make it happen?


Thanks, Mitch
P.S. — Last week, we brought doctors and nurses from across the country to the studio to film the ad. Check out behind-the-scenes pictures of the ad you’re funding and chip in to help us put it on the air at this vital time.


October 8, 2009 at 3:05 pm 1 comment

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