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Let’s change the rules

Marine’s Anti-Obama Facebook posts fuel debate

Look, after 8 years of hearing about how UNAMERICAN and UNPATRIOTIC it is to criticize the President…
After hearing about how you should never criticize the Commander-in-Chief during a time of war because it hurts the troops…

After all that complaining you Republicans did, you should feel free to criticize.  Because this is America and doing so doesn’t mean you’re not an American.  Enjoy. 

But you Republicans – maybe try not to be such a hypocrite about it.   Maybe think about applying the same rules even when they don’t benefit you. 

You seem to want to apply rules as they benefit you, but repeal them when they don’t benefit you.  It’s a common theme found in the conservative side of things.  They’re hysterical if anyone criticizes a Republican, but criticizing their opponents is encouraged.  It’s like watching a kid who keeps changing the rules of a game.  If “Republican” was a kid in school, he wouldn’t have any friends.


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