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Don’t Retreat, instead Reload! Giffords was in Palin’s crosshairs

Shot Congresswoman Was In Sarah Palin’s ‘Crosshairs’

Gabrielle Giffords, congresswoman who was shot in the head today (January 8, 2011), was featured on Sarah Palin’s “make a stand” map, which targeted Democratic legislators by identifying them on the map with the crosshairs of a rifle scope. The map that was criticized as an incitement to violence. 

Don’t retreat, instead- RELOAD!” is how Palin introduced her map. Within a few days, a vandal smashed the glass door of Giffords’ Tucson office. Giffords’ father says that Tea Party members had been repeatedly threatening her.   

Shot Congresswoman Was In Sarah Palin's 'Crosshairs'

Giffords is entering her 3rd term in Congress.  Last year she supported the Health Care refor.   This earned her a place on Palin’s map of rifle scope crosshairs.  A later revision of the maps shows the candidates location in rifle scop crosshairs and ominously encourages follower to “Help us prescribe the solution“.  Earlier today, SarahPAC hurriedly shut down the entire site

In the recent congressional election Tea Party candidate Jesse Kelly carried on Palin’s violent rhetoric. He held an event with the description: “Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office. Shoot a fully automatic M16 with [me]”

Shot Congresswoman Was In Sarah Palin's 'Crosshairs'


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