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Bye Bye Bush’s

Many looked at George H Bush time as commander-in-chief of Dessert Storm and view it as a failure for not disarming Saddam Hussein when he had the chance.  After invading a sovereign nation, the door was open.  (But as Cheney said at the time: If you topple Hussein, you will create a vacuum that will be filled by Islamic extremists).

After George W Bush left office, I think that his time as commander-in-chief during the Afghanistan War will be viewed as a failure (regardless of whether Obama succeeded or failed).  After all, the goal for Bush was killing Bin Laden, which he failed to do. Certainly his role as commander-in-chief during the Iraq War will be viewed as a complete and total failure of the highest magnitude.

From Prescott Bush (Google search), to George H Bush (“Read my lips: No new taxes!”), to George W Bush (“Mission Accomplished!”) … I hope that America is done with the Bush family.


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