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Palin Dumb Tweet

grow so weary of “1st amendment, dude! Freedom of speech, dude!”   It gives me immediate slump-shoulder and head-droop.  Palin is claiming that Dr. Laura’s ‘Freedom of Speech’ has been taken away by activists. 

The Constitution = Federal government.  She didn’t get punished or obstructed by the federal government.  Even though she should have been fined.  The FCC fines people and the stations they work for when they do offensive things on live broadcasts.  Say ‘n’ 11 times in 5 minutes…for her to not get a fine is unbelievable.  

If Dr. Laura were a Democrat, Palin would be screaming for the FCC to keep our airwaves free of such vulgar language and insist that she gets a fine and gets fired.  When Sarah Palin hears someone say “The Earth is round”, she first has to determine if it was said by a conservative or a liberal before she decide if that statement is true or false. 

The 1st amendment doesn’t protect you against advertisers who don’t want to pay to advertise on your show.  It doesn’t protect you from your boss encouraing you to…pursue other options because you said offensive things.  It prevents you from going to jail because you speak out against the government.  I wish one of these flag-waving idiots would spend a little time learning about what the flag represents. 

 And the writing in the first tweet (see link)….it’s like a12-year-old girl’s status updates.  Might be one thing for a gum-chewing, pony-tailed, 7th grader but from a 50-year-old “leader”?


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