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Letter to FWS – Good job busting that kid!

I tried to post to your blog, but I got an error when clicking the Submit button (“The specified URL cannot be found”), so I am posting my letter here.

Open letter to the US Fish & Wildlife Service:

Dear US FSW:

There is a kid in my area who is always trying to save wildlife. I read about you in Virginia and I was wondering how to report this kid so you could take some action. Maybe you could put a “Report a Conservationist” link on your homepage?

We don’t want Americans to help save any animals and you’re the group to handle the problem (telling that little girl you’re gonna throw her momma in jail for trying to save a bird??  That is just awesome!! It’s important to deter everyone, especially children, from having any interest in ecology – and to deter from having any respect for F&W agents.

This is also a great way to save the USA some serious money. Seems like those tree-hugging Democrats are always the ones voting to spend taxes on ‘protecting nature’ and we don’t need that!  The world doesn’t need that.  With your continued efforts, they might not complain about us cutting your spending and reducing your workforce.  We need more “I was just following orders” agents like the one in Virginia.  I know the law was intended (by liberals) to stop the killing of animals, but you know how to use the laws to intimidate children and I applaud it.

I read about the Fish & Wildlife Server and the wolves in WY – you did real good work there, too.  Those wolves can just stay inside the park if they don’t want to get killed.  And if those wolves won’t respect our boundaries of Yellowstone, shoot ’em!  We can’t abide by anyone crossing a border whenever they want.  And don’t tell me they don’t know understand they need to stay in the park…they know.  They just cross the border to steal our jobs livestock (I mean livestock, I got sidetracked ).

Now when you’re talking about killing some at-risk species – that is the time to get some ‘civilians’ involved.  Leave the rest of the work to the “I just follow orders” soldiers of the FWS super-agents.  Even after being alerted to the incident, the FWS still processed the citation against Alison Capo.  With the ruthless behavior shown by FWS in Virginia, we could use your “nature people” (wink-wink) in Homeland Security.

Let me know how to report other kids who actively protecting injured animals – in violation of the laws of this great land. You could have tossed her in jail, maybe even got her fired for missing work as a result.  Then Skylar would have really learned the lesson you’re trying to teach.  I’m sorry to see you’re going to let this little girl and her mother get away with ‘not killing’. That’s the problem with this country,  too many bleeding hearts out there.  Well, maybe next time that kid wants to help someone smaller or weaker, she’ll think twice.

On behalf of the Republican party let me say: May God bless you and thanks for all you do!

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe have agreed “in principle” to support a plan that would allow unregulated killing of wolves across most of Wyoming.

Let them know this is not an acceptable plan and that further protections are needed for wolves:



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