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Fearing Rising Backlash, NRA Urges Gun Activists to Stand Down | Mother Jones

The best way for fun control activists to get new laws is for the NRA supporters to keep holding open carry demonstrations. Society instantly reacted negatively. Local businesses immediately redacted to society. If it continues, local governments will also react to social demands.

I don’t have a problem with concealed carry. But if society keeps setting these rented inbred uneducated skids representing them, they are going to suffer.

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Shared Article: Plan To Make Silicon Valley Own State Gets Green Light To Collect Votes

I like it, except for the Silicon Valley “super-state”. You shouldn’t just carve out one section for the wealthy. Is the goal is to improve the whole region, that doesn’t seem to meet the goal. That state would only have its own interest at heart, which would be to protect its wealth from others.

I’ve often wondered: what would the world look like without the Louisiana Purchase?

Thomas Jefferson had perhaps the greatest “stamp”on the world..from his role as Founding Father to his role as the first Secretary of State, to his Presidency.

Without the Louisiana Purchase, does that layer become its own country? Does the Southwest break from Mexico? Is there a “Plans Nation” like on Revolution? Is the Northwest is own country? California? And is DI, what are global politics like without the USA..if we were a little more decentralized? Would we have to have to work together mute…have more unity in our decisions with each other and with the world?

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Canada Post reacts quicker than USPS

You can save stacks of cash by moving from home delivery to community mailboxes.  Instead of the time and energy expended to go to each house, a carrier drives to community boxes holding 20 to 30 individual mailboxes. The residents then come to the little community box.  

Our neighbors to the north have lost a couple of hundred million for a couple of quarters and they are working to fix it rather than doing nothing like our congress likes to do. 

Canada Post, a government corporation, said it will replace foot delivery with community mail boxes.

The company’s core mail operations have been losing hundreds of millions of dollars per quarter for several quarters in a row. In the third quarter, Canada Post reported…a pre-tax loss of $102 million. The pre-tax loss in the comparable period a year ago was $136 million.  

I highlight ‘hundreds of millions’ for ‘several quarters’ before we read this:

In fiscal 2013, it [USPS] had a $5 billion loss, ending in the red for the seventh year 

Going from door to door to community mailbox: It still takes tons of workers, tons of cars, tons of car maintenance, gas, hours, etc.  So…if we move from 30-count mailboxes to 1,000-count mailboxes….how many less vehicles and employees are needed?  Shouldn’t we move to larger ‘community’ mailboxes if we’re still losing money?

If the community mailbox was a store in the strip mall holding 1,000 mailboxes, how much could we save?  What a boon to the businesses in the strip mall, too!  Everyone that I know just checks mail once or twice a week anyway, because it’s 95% junk mail (pardon me…”direct mail”).  What if  the USPS leased/purchased a larger building, like an an Albertson’s or KMart…how much would we save?  I’m suggesting the post goes back to the “old days” (like way old) where you go to the post office to get your crap.  You go to a ‘Big Lots’ or ‘Staples’ type of place. 

And the Post Office only needs to deliver a few times a week.  If they delivered M-W-F or Tu-Th-Sa we’d all be content.  To be honest, I’m not sure that we can’t deliver mail twice a week and keep everyone content.  If your letter/package is so time-sensitive that it can’t wait a couple days…use a private company like DHL or FedEx.  Put the mailboxes in strip mall shops or even larger locations and lower the cost.  The USPS needs to quit trying to compete with home delivery services. 

The converse side of this is that if it’s less convenient, it will result in less “Direct Mail” being funneled through the USPS which is a primary source of revenue – which then compounds the revenue problem. If we make it less convenient, the advertisers might use USPS less. They might cut down less trees, they might use less chemicals to convert it to waxy paper, they might use less chemicals to create ink and glue.  We might use less gas to deliver tons of chemically-treated paper products to people who don’t want it and instantly throw it in the trash to go to a landfill.  To that we say…who cares?  If the economy is truly built on creating trash, then it’s destined to fail.  

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Former GOP Senator slams Republicans

Given the the charged question of how prevalent he believes sexism or racism are within the Republican Party, Weicker didn’t flinch.

“Oh, I think it clearly shows… it seems to me when I hear Republicans talking, I hear a lot of sexism, I hear a lot of racism,” Weicker said.

The sun is hot.  The sky is blue.  The GOP attracts racists and sexists.  We know.  But thanks for acknowledging it, Weicker.

That’s the first step to fixing it and fixing is what the Republicans need.  As you said, they’ve moved really far to the right over the past two decades.  I found my views and the Republican views separating about 20 years ago.  It started with the environmental issues.  Across the board, all Republicans are nearly always voting against environmental protections (or voting to reduce them).  But they’ve also gone way (way) too far to the right on race, sex, and religion.  It was too far right for me 20 years ago and they’re getting farther and farther away.  How many 2008 Republican candidates for the Presidency reject evolution?  If it’s greater than ‘zero’, it’s concerning that they weren’t weeded out.  (It’s more than zero:  

I know a fair amount of Tea Party fans who have medical conditions…and they’re quietly whispering that they want the Tea Party Republicans to shut the hell up because they’re thrilled about not being denied coverage.  Talk about a vocal minority…it’s the Tea Party Republicans.  And people like Palin, Bachmann, Huckabee, and Cruz are just taking it further and further to the right. 

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Shutdown…it’s all been said?

So everyone’s talking about the shutdown and everything’s already been said.  Still, I feel like just adding my two cents to everyone else’s two cents.

In 2008, Barack Obama ran for president saying he would attempt to implement a healthcare system that required people to insure their kids, required insurance companies to provide insurance coverage despite the discovery of a condition, require businesses of a certain size to offer a plan, etc.  And he was elected.

The House passed the law.  The Senate passed the law.

Obama ran for president again, this time against a man who’s primary platform was that he would take down Obamacare.  And Obama won by 5 million votes.

The Supreme Court affirmed the law is Consitutional.

EVERY branch of government has weighed in on this.

The voters have weighed in on this.  Twice.

The Republicans are getting jerked around by a couple of 1st year politicians.

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Kenya vs Syria

40 killed and 150 injured in an attack by Islamist terrorists on a mall in Kenya.  Is there any talk about the US invading Kenya?  Nope – get some oil, Kenya.

And if we are (contemplating) invading Syria as part of some moral “we must protect humanity” action, then I’d like to see the plans to invade the dozen or so African countries where citizens live in fear, just like Syria.

There are no such plans, are there Mr. Obama?  So quit selling ‘humanitarian’.

Surely you’re not going to sell us “imminent threat”.

This is a job for NATO and NATO alone.  We can commit our troops to NATO, but we do not need to spend hundreds of millions on Syrian attacks.

To everyone on the planet: The further you keep your religion from your politics, the safer you are.  Ask the Kenyans, the Syrians, the Pakis, Afghans, the Iraqis. Then ask the British, the Norwegians, Swedish, the Dutch, the Canadians, the Americans.

Freedom IS separation of Church and State.

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Blue Goose

Ugh – ate at the Blue Goose today.  Food tasted good, but…I asked for hot sauce and the busboy brought out a ramekin of “made on request” salsa with fresh jalapenos and stuff.  It was OK – not terribly spicy but at least a little hotter than their regular salsa.  6 hours later…my innards are not doing well.  I hope they didn’t get me sick…but I’m nervous.  That’s the only thing I’ve had today besides a yogurt I had at 7:30 this morning…  No more fresh jalapenos….

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