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McQueary still employed at Penn St

Why didn’t this asshole get fired?  He knew about this years ago…he was part of the cover up.  He should be going to JAIL. Only in shit-hole Pennsylvania….Only would these inbred paint-eating morons get upset at the media and have a mini-riot.  Or still employ a guy who has admitted he knew about it but yet decided to turn a blind eye rather than alert authorities.


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Running Up the Score

Yes, the Saints ran up the score.  It’s a bit distasteful.  It would have been better to put the 2nd string guys in and let them play.  And if the 2nd string runs it up, fine.  There’s something about that much superiority just dominating on so much weakness that we typically find – well, to reuse the word – distasteful.

Now that I’ve said that: Those Colts players…they go to the bank with the same paycheck whether they win or lose.  They get paid the same whether they fight or whether they lay down.  And the Colts have just destroyed other teams, too.  And certainly these guys make enough money that we don’t need to feel sorry for them.  So if you suck, you suck.  And if you can’t play, you’re gonna get your ass kicked out on the field.  Clearly the Colts management made some severe mistakes by thinking that Manning was indestructible. Clearly the team designed by Colts ownership is a total mess and this is their fault, not Sean Payton’s fault.  The Colts are terrible because they never planned for a QB injury.  If that’s the team Indy is going to roll out onto an NFL field….they’re going to get their ass kicked.  To be sure, most teams struggle when the starting QB is hurt, but not this bad.  And not when they have other talent on that team.  The O-line has always protected Manning.  The WR / TE group is better than most teams.  The RB committee is fairly talented, certainly serviceable.  With even a partially decent QB they’d be in better shape.

On the positive side, the harder they get their ass-kicked, the faster the heads start rolling and the sooner they can begin recovering.

As for the Saints starters who are out there, you can’t blame them for doing their best.  They have fans. Their stats are being recorded.  So this decision to leave the starters in falls to Payton. It would have been better for Payton to bench a couple of guys.  But I don’t feel sorry for the Colts.

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Tebowing is funny

Tebowing‘ (verb): to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Good stuff.  Planking and Owling are now a memory as Tebowing takes the stage.  The site has some good photos, like Voldemort Tebowing (above), or one of my favorites – a cat Tebowing.

Good show.  And even if some people say “it’s the greatest show ever”, it’s gonna be funny to others.  Ask Lady Gaga.  And yes, it’s a show.  Even the pope doesn’t pray that often at work.  The first two images are amusing, but they don’t quite grasp the full meaning of Tebowing as well as this:

I like to think about the ridicule if someone did that several times a day at the office.  You’re walking down the hall to get some more coffee and the guy in front of you drops down and starts Tebowing.  Everyone gets up after a meeting and heads toward the door and someone Tebows every time they leave the conference room.  Maybe someone gets their Tebow going before every conference call.  “That Shelly, bless her heart, she gets down on her knees and prays before every conference call”.  It’d be great. I hope it catches on at work.

Of course, most of us already know that God doesn’t care about sports teams (except the Cowboys).  The score of a game is not swayed by who prays the most (yes, I’m completely sure).    He didn’t help you score a TD because you prayed more than the cornerback and safety.  Anyone who thinks that – should start up the God Football League.  Payers get into uniform, pads and helmets and all, and then go out on to their end zone and pray for the scoreboard to change.  At halftime, they switch sides (gotta switch sides).  After regulation, we check the scoreboard and see if we have to go to overtime.

Just remember that religion is like a penis.  It’s OK to have it.  It’s OK to be proud of it.  But…

UPDATE: Here’s some other good ones….



Hey Tebow, you’re holding up the line!

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Titans are Ridiculous

I almost never side with the player in a contract dispute, but I’m about to make what I believe to be my first exception.  Chris Johnson is set to make $800,000 this year.  This would make him the most underpaid NFL player I think I’ve ever seen.  Here is some info on Chris Johnson from ESPN:

He became only the sixth man in NFL history to run for at least 2,000 yards when he ran for 2,006 yards in 2009 and the first to rack up 2,500 yards with 500 yards receiving.

He followed that up by running for 1,364 yards in 2010 despite finishing the season with a bruised thigh and has started 46 of the 47 games he has played in since being drafted 24th overall in 2008 out of East Carolina. Johnson has 4,598 career yards averaging 5 yards per carry and also has 1,008 yards receiving.

DeAngelo Williams got a new deal from Carolina earlier this week worth $21 million in guaranteed money. He played only six games last season and ran for 361 yards while dealing with injuries.

And as pointed out by Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports: For most backs, 1,364 yards would be cause for a week-long celebration.


He is not just a great RB, he’s one of the top 3 RB’s and arguably the best (considering reliability and 3 years of stats).  It goes without saying that he’s the most important player on his team, but what bears mentioning is that the 2nd best player on the team is a very distant 2nd.  The 2nd best player on the Titans might be the 4th or 5th best player on other teams.  The player with the most promise might be Kenny Britt, who was arrested like 3 times during the off-season and is at severe risk for immediate suspension (and then at high-risk for future suspsensions, because rarely do these types learn the first time).  I don’t predict Britt to be able to cut it with the NFL behavior rules, but he is another topic.

So if the Titans have absolutely no hopes of making the playoffs, they should continue their hard-nose stance and wave the shitty contract in his face.  Meanwhile, the team can go 2-14, the fans will revolt, and the players will mail it in all year.

The Titans need to get off their ass and sign this guy to a deal.  It’s like the Titans are being run by the owners of the other owners in the AFC South.

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Stop LJ Petition

It’s not often that the fans really get to hammer one of these overpaid, overpampered, loud-mouth, rude, socially-inept, spoiled little bitches in professional sports. 

Larry’s long term future with the Chiefs? The writing is on the wall:

During his suspension, the Chiefs unveiled a new sign at Arrowhead Stadium that appears to be directed at Johnson. The sign admonishes:
“Losers assemble in small groups and complain about the coaches and other players.”

Embattled Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is 75 yards from becoming the team’s all-time leading rusher. And some Chiefs fans have a problem with that.

An online petition started by Chiefs fans asks general manager Scott Pioli to deactivate Johnson and keep him on the sideline so he cannot pass Priest Holmes for the team rushing record, or join the team’s Ring of Honor at Arrowhead Stadium.

We are asking you, as fans of this team, this organization, and of the pride that this city has in the Chiefs, please deactivate Larry Johnson. Please do not let his name sit atop the all-time rushing leaders in Kansas City Chiefs history. He has never represented anything close to the values that we have for our Chiefs and it would be another dagger to the fans that continue to support this proud franchise.

We are asking this as a favor to those of us who have supported this team long, long, long before you were brought in. We will support you through thick and thin — you will find out that we are a loyal, loyal bunch. … However, allowing Larry Johnson to attain a record is something that can never be erased.”

The “Stop LJ” Online Petition:

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Roy and Ben


Roy Williams: “I’m just a blocker, a catcher and runner and just trying to do all of them in 60 minutes of play. I just run to my spot and catch the ball. That’s what I feel my role is right now, blocking downfield or catching the ball when it comes my way,” Williams said.

Uhh – that’s the role of every receiver.  It almost sounds like you’re complaining, I’m hoping that’s not the case.  Block, catch, and run.  Enjoy your job, enjoy your bank account. 

Ben Maller: If Roy Williams doesn’t produce in a large way, the Cowboys won’t make the playoffs this season. 

Not true.  The Cowboys are a running team now, pending the return of Jones.  Perhaps not a running team like the Ravens of the past few years, but much more of a running team than they’ve been in recent history.  He needs to contribute and he needs to contribute like a #1 WR, but he doesn’t need to put the team on his back, he doesn’t need to be T.O. or Fitzgerald.  The Cowboys have plenty of people with the ability to catch a pass.  Between Williams, Witten and Crayton (plus Barber & Choice can catch), the Cowboys have plenty of hands to share in receptions.   The Cowboys have 2 WR’s in the top 25 in terms of yards, as well as a TE who is top 5 in yards and top 5 in receptions.  Considering that Romo is not in the top 10 in terms of passing yards, it says that these 3 receivers are doing an adequate job.  Room for improvement, always. But they’re not stinking it up.

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Rooting Against Crabtree

I am cheering for the 49’ers like I’ve never cheered them before. 

As a Cowboys fan, I almost never cheer them at all (only when they play another NFC East opponent).  But I’m cheerin’ for ’em now!  I cheer for them every week because I want them to succeed without Michael Crabtree.   They’re 2 and 1 and they lost in the final seconds of the game against Minnesota.

Nobody ever had any sympathy for him, none of us have sympathy for rookie holdouts.  But now that we’re in October, I am full-on rooting for failure.  I hope they don’t sign him.  I HOPE he goes back into the draft next year.  I hope he sits out a year and gets drafted in the 3rd round in 2010.   I would be tuned in to the 2010 draft cheering each time he gets skipped. 

Rodney Harrison (NBC) says of Crabtree “”the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen in the National Football League”.  Scoop Jackson (ESPN) opens his article on Crabtree by saying “Ever wonder what it feels like to be jackass?” 

I hope the 49’ers say “Let us know when you’re ready to sign, because $20 million is our final offer.”  Here’s part of Jackson’s thoughts, read the whole article at ESPN:

The 49ers were supposed to need Crabtree. They were supposed to draft him, pay him stacks, discover how supremely talented and gifted he was, succeed with him instantly — and then make him the cornerstone of the franchise.

But it’s hard to hold a team hostage when it is already doing what you claim your client will single-handedly help it do: win. And that is one thing no one in Crabtree’s camp expected. Especially not right out of the gate. Not like this. And along with those two unexpected wins is one stat that can’t escape notice: Of the 256 players selected in the 2009 NFL draft, 255 are signed.

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