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Bikers in NY: Deserving

Mieses, Cruz, and the other bikers cornering an SUV – and then complaining that they got hurt is like…

…a burglar complaining that a homeowner shot him.
…someone sticking their arm into a lion’s cage and complaining that they got bit.
…hyenas cornering an elephant and complaining they got trampled.

If a pedestrian tries to carjack a man in an SUV and then gets run over…that’s the fault of the car jacker. If a motorcycle gang threatens a man in his SUV and then some of the riders get run over…that’s the fault of the hyenas who decided to corner an elephant.

Do bad things, bad things happen. That’s the way it goes. I am not going to lose sleep over some idiots getting run over. No more sleep than an idiot getting their arm bitten off dangling it in front of a tiger. If you (Christopher Cruz) initiate an attack on something bigger and stronger than you and you get hurt in the process…tough shit.

And there were off duty police officers I this gang?? What chicken-shit police commissioner hasn’t already fired these guys?

These are adult bullies and nobody cares when a bully gets knocked down.

If you’re on a motorcycle, I keep extra distance to keep you safe….because you are on a motorcycle and it’s REALLY dangerous for you amongst cars (especially SUVs).

If you start thinking motorcycles make you invincible when you get around 20 friends…you are an idiot. I know that even idiots deserve compassion…but it’s hard.

Mieses’ family members need someone to blame? Mieses shouldn’t have tried to corner and threaten an SUV driver (who didn’t have the luxury of having 25 friends with him).

My fourth grade teacher once warned me: “Don’t news with the bull, boy, or you’ll get the horns.”


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Jeff Ellis Management gets an F

Overall, one of the stupider things we’ve seen in a while.  Jeff Ellis Management fired a lifeguard for trying to save a drowning person. But the part of this story that caught my eye was this:

Several coworkers said they quit in protest.

First off, that is an extremely strong show of “take this job and shove it”.  If you quit over this reason, mucho bravo to you!!  Perhaps you hated the way Jeff Ellis Management was run already, and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  But that doesn’t detract from quitting and citing this as the reason. Lots of people don’t like their jobs.  And regardless of how you felt, you didn’t quit – until this.  Good stuff.

If I’m the manager, and this situation gets brought to me, there’s no way I’m firing this kid.  I pass that on up the chain and tell them this is quite a situation and someone else will have to sign off.

Can you imagine if some attending doctor or an RN went out on his break for a bite to eat, and just as his break was ending, someone started having a [fill in the blank] and was dying – so the nurse stayed and saved the man, but was 20 minutes late getting back for his shift and so he got fired?

I know a lifeguard didn’t take the Hippocratic oath…but if a lifeguard sees someone drowning and that person is within his reach, you’re going to fire him for saving a life, huh?  And it never crossed that manager’s mind that it would be a bad decision. Never crossed that manager’s mind that the person he saved could have been the manager’s own [brother/sister/parent/child]?

The fact that the drowning person was swimming in a “swim at your own risk” area prevents him from sewing the city/county. But not getting up to help a drowning man because of it would not have protected the conscious of Tomas Lopez.

Now, two other lifeguards say they have also been fired over failing to agree with the company policy, and four others say they have quit in protest.

The president of the company Jeff Ellis Management, Jeff Ellis, could only confirm that one employee was let go, and as many as three have resigned, said Hallandale Beach spokesman Peter Dobens.

I would bet Jeff Ellis is getting a lot of cold shoulders from his friends.  I bet his mother would not be proud of him. I bet his kids are embarrassed by him.  I bet that if Jeff didn’t have a lot of money, he might not have a lot of friends, either.

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Texas man executed for 9/11 revenge killing

“If you come to Texas and kill someone….we’ll kill you back.”  — Ron White.

In a solid display of justice, Mark Stroman was executed for targeting and killing Muslims after 9/11.|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk2|79799

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A Facebook Alternative?

I hope this is a Facebook alternative.  I’m sick of FB’s lack of respect for personal information.  Too much abuse and too many hacks.  I hate the setup where interacting with an entity through it’s app almost always requires me to share way too much personal information and give them the ability to write on my wall. 

I realize the developer chooses this, but my complaint is that FB gives them the power and does not grant me the right to reject it and control my own information.  For instance, perhaps I am OK giving an entity my profile pic and ability to write on my wall, but I want to reject the ability for them to grab all my friends’ information – I cannot do that.  As a result, I rarely interact with business/apps, which means a portion of the social network is unavailable. 

So I welcome Google’s entrance (re-entrance).  I have not used the service yet, but I plan to.  My initial fear is that it will be similar to Facebook in how much data it gives to marketer’s via apps and interfaces.  Just because I make a comment on some blog or news site does not mean I want my comments posted across my social network – nor do I want to have to worry about settings for that every time I want to write a comment.  I also don’t want everyone who goes to that site to see my comment tied to my picture, name, and location.  I have a job and like you, I don’t always want my boss in my personal life.  As our personal lives now extend to the Web, we want to be able to protect it. 

So, I look forward to trying Google+.  To that end, here’s a newbie’s guide:

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More Arizona Cops

Ahh, Arizona…
The state that wants to give the police more authority.

Seems the only way officer Patrick Larrison could handle a little girl was to slam her against the wall:

Video shows police officer slamming girl, 15

Not that the 15-year-old girl didn’t have an ass-whipping coming her way…

But I’m sure that having a 200 pound officer run up behind her when she isn’t looking and slam her into a wall (apparently knocking her unconscious) is a real good system.

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Pack Bullies and Cyber-bullies

More from the “when assholes have kids” series:

On the plus side: Cyber-bulling arrests are on the rise. 

Other stories:

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Thoughts on WikiLeaks

Ahhh….WikiLeaks.  What a bizarre site.  Is it making us stronger or is it a security problem?  Both.  It’s a V for Vendetta “freedom-fighter” vs “terrorist” type of situation. 

Take the hacker community for a moment.  At the higher levels of this group, a hacker will tell you that exposing the flaws in the most commonly used systems serves to force the makers of that software to develop strong defenses, and that their attacks force them to stay nimble enough to react to new threats.  Without them, the makers of the systems would get sloppy, corners would be cut to rush products, and entire business systems would be exposed to terrorists or hostile nations.  And it’s hard to say that this is not true. Hackers can wreak havoc on existing users.  Sometimes illustrating system weakness comes at a price to company profits, IT staff, and to users. 

Now enter the White Hat hacker.  He’s a pain to some groups, but overall he may be helping.  The White Hat hacker finds the holes, shows how an exploit can be done, and invites people to his site to see it.  He gets a few fans and gets a few job offers.  He doesn’t develop any hostile payload using the exploits.  The companies who have their weaknesses posted then need to respond to fix their security problems because someone else might use the exploit with hostility.  Think of him as a gun maker.  It’s not the making of the gun that kills people, it’s the person who uses the gun.  In this case, it’s not the discovery of the exploit…that was already there, waiting for someone to discover it. 

In the case of WikiLeaks, this data was probably flowing already – it’s just that now instead of an underground river, it’s above ground.  Maybe the armed forces new about it but kept it secret.  Or worse yet…maybe they didn’t know how easy it was for Classified data to leave their systems, or how frequently it happens.  These classified documents are just being passed out for free.  No foreign government is paying people thousands of dollars.  No organization is holding someone’s family hostage.  I say that if it’s this easy and common for classified documents to leave the network, then don’t blame WikiLeaks – fix the problem!  Before WikiLeaks, how many of these documents were going to the Middle East? 

It’s like a losing team complaining that the winning team should have quit scoring touchdowns.  You know what they should do…Stop ’em.  If you don’t want them to score on you, play some defense.  If you don’t want data to leave your network…get some tighter security. 

It just strikes me that if Julian Assange can gather all this data for free…how many others are out there doing the same thing that we don’t know about?

Is he a pain in the side of the military?  Sure.  So are hackers (to the military, the government, private business, etc.).  They cause endless hours of work for IT guys. But I’d rather get hit by a White Hat hacker who says “Hey – you’ve got this weakness right over here…and you better hurry up and address it” than get hit by a Black Hat who finds the weakness, keeps it secret, and sells it to others. 

In other words, better that Assange publishes this data on WikiLeaks for the generals to see, than for someone else to keep it secret, so that no one even knows the military has a problem.  Sometimes a little exposure brings attention to places that attention is needed.  The real problem is that Top Secret and other Classified documents are so readily obtained.  The Human Resources department and the IT department of the military need to get to work.

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