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Climate Change, Cosmos, Republicans

Just read an article – a great one – on Cosmos. The link is below.

Neil deGrasse Tyson v. the Right: Cosmos, Christians and the Battle for American Science –

This is a passage that struck me:

“The scientific consensus about global warming must be untrue, because, as Dr. Innes writes in Left, Right and Christ, the world is “not a glass ornament that we might accidentally destroy… we are not capable of destroying it, whether by nuclear weapons or carbon emissions.”

Just to clear something up:
The Earth itself will be fine. The Earth doesn’t care about its cities; it will keep spinning and orbiting. It’s the humans who are at risk. It’s our way of life that would suffer. The rocky planet will keep going…


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Wolf Puppies!

Dear Guardian,

Early summer-the time each year when hopes blossom and new lives begin. Now is when young wolf pups and bobcat kittens first venture out of their dens. They will start to explore the world with fresh curiosity and an eagerness shared by youth everywhere. With so few Mexican wolves roaming the wild, each new youngster holds the promise of regeneration for this endangered species-but brutal leg-hold traps litter the New Mexican landscape and are a real threat to these puppies and kittens.

Thanks to your financial, moral and “boots-on-the-ground” support,
WildEarth Guardians continues our fight for the Mexican wolf, and wildlife everywhere.

Since 2002, Mexican wolves have been caught in traps. They’ve endured painful injuries, amputations and death. And since 2000, approximately 25,000 New Mexican bobcats have been trapped and killed so their fur could be shipped overseas to profit a handful of trappers. Thousands of untold  other animals have also been maimed and killed.

Right now, WildEarth Guardians seeks to end public lands trapping in New Mexico for all species including lobos, bobcats, gray foxes, badgers, and more.

Today I’m asking you to join me in committing to end the slaughter by becoming a WildEarth Guardians monthly donor.  Please add your monthly commitment of
$5, $10, $20 or more each month to mine-I give $20 each month.

Together we can give Guardians the financial security it needs to end trapping on public lands in New Mexico.

We are working to pass a bill that will ban trapping and expect it to be introduced in early 2013. Before then we need to continue building the public pressure by securing business, community and stakeholder backing that supports our
legislative champions. We need to dominate the media with messages about the cruel dangers and consequences of trapping.

Please join me in making a gift to secure a humane future for the wildlife of the Southwest. Our world is better when it’s shared with howling wolves, yipping coyotes, and purring bobcats.

For the Wolves,

Kevin Gaither-Banchoff
Development Director
WildEarth Guardians

P.S. Learn more about our campaign to Ban Traps here.

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Quakes are freaky

From what I know about earthquakes, the rocks underneath California are softer than the rocks under the midwest.  This softness in the rocks is one of the reasons that quakes are much more common – they are able to slide around more frequently.  It’s also a reason that many of these quakes are not significant.  Contrast that with the rocks in the midwest that are solid. These plates don’t move around much.  But when they do, the damage can be severe.  The firmer rocks carry the movement for much farther than softer rocks that absorb the energy.

I’m not plate tectonic wizard – just some stuff I seem to recall.  But after reading about the earthquake in Oklahoma on November 5th, I googled again.

I remember an earthquake being predicted around 1990 in the St. Louis area.  It didn’t materialize, but it garnered a lot of attention and spurred a lot of documentaries on quakes and plates.  The other thing that came to the forefront is New Madrid.

New Madrid is a small town in Missouri and its known as the center of a great quake in 1811.  For those not familiar, here is some of the stories that are told – stories that seemed so fantastic it seemed like ‘lore. “It rang bells in Boston”, we would say as kids.  The most famous was that the quake was so huge that “it made the mighty Mississippi run backwards”.

There were 3 quakes that started in December of 1811 and spilled into 1812.  This is from Nat Geo:

Earthquakes in central or eastern U.S. affect much larger areas than quakes in the western part of the country.  

On December 16, 1811, a powerful earthquake jolted the 400 residents of the town of New Madrid, Missouri. The intense tremor set church bells ringing in Boston, Massachusetts—1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) away.

The 1811-1812 quakes were felt over more than 2 million square miles (5.2 million square kilometers), with chimneys falling in Cincinnati, Ohio, and sidewalks buckling in Baltimore, Maryland.

Miles of banks along the Mississippi River are reported to have caved in as a result of the events, and at certain points the land tilted so dramatically that the river ran backwards.

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As the Conservative Progresses

The study of the world’s surface temperatures by Richard Muller was partially bankrolled by a foundation connected to global warming deniers. He pursued long-held skeptic theories in analyzing the data. 

Stop the presses.  The end of days is surely upon us.

There is no reason now to be a skeptic about steadily increasing temperatures, Muller wrote recently in The Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages, a place friendly to skeptics. 

But beyond that is the thing he now says he is wrong about – this is practically the foundation of all things ‘conservative’: Climate Change!  Of course, there’s only so long that you can keep decrying the evidence before your legacy is that you were an idiot.  Eventually, even the most anti-progressive, evidence-ignoring conservatives among us finally conceded that maybe the Earth isn’t flat, after all.

Nothing makes a conservative happier than to say that Climate Change is just a bunch of hype.  Denying Climate Change is a core belief of the conservative.  You find a Republican and they can’t wait to talk about how Climate Change and Global Warming are totally fictitious inventions of the progressive mind.

Every time it gets cold my Republican friends can’t wait to be first to point out that Global Warming is a myth.  In the early portion of this year, we got snow.  What I heard that day: So much for Global Warming; Are these liberals gonna tell me about Global Warming now?; Yeah, Climate Change is real…whatever.  I can look outside and see that Global Warming is bullshit.  This is because it snowed….in the WINTER.  As unfathomable as that sounds, it snowed between December and March.

There is a large percentage who literally have no distinction between ‘weather’ and ‘climate’.  And will argue with you about it.  And their Hannity-inspired understanding of Climate Change is that it means there will never be another cold day on Earth.

So back to the story – another great part about it is that study was funded in large part by the neo-con Koch brothers:

One-quarter of the $600,000 to do the research came from the Charles Koch Foundation, whose founder is a major funder of skeptic groups and the tea party.

The Koch brothers, Charles and David, run a large privately held company involved in oil and other industries, producing sizable greenhouse gas emissions.

When I was a child, I remember learning about the Scopes monkey trial, and how the progressives ‘modernists’ of 1925 helped bring the conservative ‘fundamentalists’ into the modern era by illustrating scientific evidence, while keeping religious beliefs out of school.  Maybe they will re-learn that lesson next. Or maybe they’ll re-learn about the heliocentric system. Stay tuned for part 2 of the “As the Conservative Progresses”.

Hopefully between things like this combined with the completely ludicrous Conservative candidates for 2012, the USA can move forward again.|main5|dl12|sec1_lnk2|108718

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Hunting season – for 700+ wolves?

This charity has a 4 star rating – the highest rating given by Charity Navigator. 

Still Sticking Up for Wolves in the Northern Rockies

Up to 1/2 of wolves in Northern Rockies to be killed

Dear Guardian,

Call us stubborn, but we just don’t like dead wolves. That’s why we’re in court for the third time this year to protect Northern Rockies wolves from Congress and state mismanagement.

The latest bout over wolves began last April, when Congress passed a legislative rider that contravened a judicial order and eliminated federal protection for wolves in Idaho, Montana, and parts of Utah, Oregon and Washington. WildEarth Guardians, Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Friends of the Clearwater sued. Scientists believe wolves are not recovered in the Northern Rockies. We contend they should still be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

The U.S. District Court in Montana upheld the rider in August, although Judge Donald Malloy wrote that, if not constrained by what he believed was poorly reasoned case law from superior courts, he would have ruled the rider unconstitutional.

We appealed to the Ninth Circuit, which expedited the case for hearing this autumn, but not before Idaho and Montana announced new hunting seasons for wolves

that could eliminate one half of the Northern Rockies population – or more than 775 wolves. We have twice filed motions to stop hunting while the appellate court considers our case.

Wolf Hunting to Commence

The court is considering our current request. Meanwhile, Montana and Idaho have
issued more than 36,000 licenses to hunt wolves this fall and the kill rate is likely
to accelerate as snow falls in the Rockies and the animals become easier to

So what’s next, and how can you help?

Our legal team is preparing to present oral arguments in two weeks for what may be our last chance to restore protection to wolves in the Northern Rockies. We seek to preserve wolves and their critical role as ecosystem engineers. We want to protect the public’s interest, YOUR interest, in wolf conservation and the enormous
investment in the 16-year wolf recovery program. And we hope to overturn misguided legislation that harms wolves and sets a bad precedent for Congressional meddling in endangered species management.

Thank you for your continued support for WildEarth Guardians’ Wolves in the American West Campaign, through activism, and through your generous financial gifts – we hope you will consider making a donation today.

We’ll continue to keep you posted as events unfold.

For the Wolves,

John Horning
Executive Director
WildEarth Guardians


You Tube

Charity Navigator 4 Star

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Yea! Protection for Wolves and others

On September 9th, a federal court approved our settlement agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to advance protection for nearly 900 imperiled species, including decisions that will likely lead to Endangered Species Act listing for more than 250 of them.

WildEarth Guardians’ campaign to fundamentally change the Service’s endangered species listing process required a major long-term financial commitment. All told we spent more than a decade and hundreds of thousands of hours of staff time to achieve this historic outcome.

Now we need your help to have the staying power to ensure that over the next six years – the timeframe for the settlement’s implementation – the Service upholds its promise to address every one of the species in our agreement.

Will you step up and help us to ensure our Nation’s most imperiled flora and fauna are protected? There is still so much work to be done. Please support our Endangered
Species Candidate Fund today.

This is one of the biggest milestones in the history of the Endangered Species Act.

Collectively, these species occur – or once occurred – in all 50 states. They are all a vibrant part of the rich natural heritage in our country, and all deserve to live.

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God’s Wrath – Part 2?

If the hurricane that hit New Orleans and the 9/11 attacks were god’s wrath against tolerance of gays and other ‘liberal sins’, then isn’t the 2-year drought in Texas (worst on record) also god’s wrath for the behavior of conservatives in Texas and Oklahoma?

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