Tebowing is funny

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Tebowing‘ (verb): to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Good stuff.  Planking and Owling are now a memory as Tebowing takes the stage.  The site http://www.tebowing.com has some good photos, like Voldemort Tebowing (above), or one of my favorites – a cat Tebowing.

Good show.  And even if some people say “it’s the greatest show ever”, it’s gonna be funny to others.  Ask Lady Gaga.  And yes, it’s a show.  Even the pope doesn’t pray that often at work.  The first two images are amusing, but they don’t quite grasp the full meaning of Tebowing as well as this:

I like to think about the ridicule if someone did that several times a day at the office.  You’re walking down the hall to get some more coffee and the guy in front of you drops down and starts Tebowing.  Everyone gets up after a meeting and heads toward the door and someone Tebows every time they leave the conference room.  Maybe someone gets their Tebow going before every conference call.  “That Shelly, bless her heart, she gets down on her knees and prays before every conference call”.  It’d be great. I hope it catches on at work.

Of course, most of us already know that God doesn’t care about sports teams (except the Cowboys).  The score of a game is not swayed by who prays the most (yes, I’m completely sure).    He didn’t help you score a TD because you prayed more than the cornerback and safety.  Anyone who thinks that – should start up the God Football League.  Payers get into uniform, pads and helmets and all, and then go out on to their end zone and pray for the scoreboard to change.  At halftime, they switch sides (gotta switch sides).  After regulation, we check the scoreboard and see if we have to go to overtime.

Just remember that religion is like a penis.  It’s OK to have it.  It’s OK to be proud of it.  But…

UPDATE: Here’s some other good ones….



Hey Tebow, you’re holding up the line!

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