Running Up the Score

October 30, 2011 at 3:30 pm Leave a comment

Yes, the Saints ran up the score.  It’s a bit distasteful.  It would have been better to put the 2nd string guys in and let them play.  And if the 2nd string runs it up, fine.  There’s something about that much superiority just dominating on so much weakness that we typically find – well, to reuse the word – distasteful.

Now that I’ve said that: Those Colts players…they go to the bank with the same paycheck whether they win or lose.  They get paid the same whether they fight or whether they lay down.  And the Colts have just destroyed other teams, too.  And certainly these guys make enough money that we don’t need to feel sorry for them.  So if you suck, you suck.  And if you can’t play, you’re gonna get your ass kicked out on the field.  Clearly the Colts management made some severe mistakes by thinking that Manning was indestructible. Clearly the team designed by Colts ownership is a total mess and this is their fault, not Sean Payton’s fault.  The Colts are terrible because they never planned for a QB injury.  If that’s the team Indy is going to roll out onto an NFL field….they’re going to get their ass kicked.  To be sure, most teams struggle when the starting QB is hurt, but not this bad.  And not when they have other talent on that team.  The O-line has always protected Manning.  The WR / TE group is better than most teams.  The RB committee is fairly talented, certainly serviceable.  With even a partially decent QB they’d be in better shape.

On the positive side, the harder they get their ass-kicked, the faster the heads start rolling and the sooner they can begin recovering.

As for the Saints starters who are out there, you can’t blame them for doing their best.  They have fans. Their stats are being recorded.  So this decision to leave the starters in falls to Payton. It would have been better for Payton to bench a couple of guys.  But I don’t feel sorry for the Colts.

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