The Response to The Response

September 12, 2011 at 8:33 pm Leave a comment

On Jay Leno’s show, Bill Maher said of Rick Perry:
“Here’s a guy who has a terrible drought in his state, and literally asked people to pray for rain….and now the state’s on fire“.

I’m guessing that a massive fire wasn’t “the response” Rick was hoping for when he held The Response last month.  But I guess it’s an answer!
More from Maher:

“We have a plane, the F-22, has already cost over $100 billion.  We’ve never used it.  We’ve got 3 wars going….we have never used this plane.  Phil Spector has killed more people than this plane.”

“If you were reading about some country where they were having some sort of disaster and the leader asked for the gods to fix it, you’d think they were talking about a tribal chieftan with a bone in his nose.”

“They will never like [Obama].  He’s the wrong age, the wrong party, the wrong color…and he will never pry their fear from their cold-dead-mind.”!/billmaher

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