Words have meanings

July 29, 2011 at 11:36 pm Leave a comment

The Republican party of late has often been a party that says something but then does the complete opposite.

Nothing says Fiscally Responsible like a government shutdown and credit default!

Nothing says Protect the Constitution like proposing a Constitutional amendment!

Decreasing spending can be done without shutting down the government and tanking the economy.  Balanced budget laws (whether or not the Federal government should be prohibited from borrowing is a different topic) can be passed without an amendment.

It’s not as though the only rules Congress has to follow are Constitutional laws.

Words have meanings.  You cannot simply say you’re fiscally responsible and then completely fail to pass a resolution to fix the debt ceiling problem.  The House of Representatives is a total and complete mess.  The results of the mid-term elections have left the House in total disarray.  This group has managed to pass only 1 bill regarding the debt problem – and they knew when they passed it that it had zero chance of getting through the Senate.  Since it failed, they have sulked around and pouted instead of getting back to work.

Boehner, who has been leading this charge, has found that his “great” method of handling the debt was such a flop that within an hour of receiving a review from the CBO, it had to be re-written.

The House of Representatives is a joke.  To paraphrase The Borowitz Report, the House is governing about as much as Farmville people are actually farming.


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