Bad Obama, Bad GOP Congress

July 14, 2011 at 3:50 pm Leave a comment

TARP bailout of financial firms (who caused the problem in the first place). 

Stimulus rescue for automakers (who failed to keep pace with fuel efficiency increases) and the auto execs and unions (who are both making too much money). 

War in Iraq (for absolutely no reason). 

Tax cuts for the most successful businesses (makes little sense, supply-side economics is proven to be a failed theory). 

Tax cuts for the richest Americans (makes no sense)   

And now Congress and the President wants to screw everyone (everyone who plans on getting older) buy cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits?  Now – after all these other programs were funded…now you are trying to offset it by screwing me?   Now all of a sudden the deb ceiling is important?  Two trillion in Iraq wasn’t a big deal.  700 billion for TARP wasn’t a big deal.  770 billion for stimulus wasn’t a big deal. 

But now Congress wants to cut Social Security – because they already spent the money on Wall Street execs and Iraqis and now they need my retirement funds that MY taxes funded??  How could that even get out of Congress? 

Hats off to the Democrats in Congress, as they are holding the line on protecting Social Security. 

Beyond that, to hell with all those Republicans in Congress and Barack Obama who apparently want to raid the retirement savings to fund their overspending.  I’m not yet sure who I’m supporting for President in 2012.  If Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid is cut because Washington overspent, it won’t be anyone who voted ‘Yes’ in Congress nor will it be the person who signed the bill into law. 

You can tell alot by how a society treats its elderly population. 

I sure didn’t donate my money in support of healhcare reform only to have Obama sign in a Republican law that removes/restricts/reduces my Medicare/Medicaid benefits.

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