Mark Madoff: Snapped or Murdered?

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People aren’t going to forget about 65 billion dollars… 
Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty and is serving a 150-year sentence in a North Carolina federal prison. His investors have cash losses estimated at $20 billion, but the wealth supposedly held in their accounts when the fraud collapsed totaled $64.8 billion.
Maybe he should have changed his name,  moved to Utica, and got a job managing a Jason’s Deli, showing up in NYC only for court dates.  But I guess giving up the houses would have been even harder to do (parentheses are mine): 
Mr. Madoff married his college sweetheart, moved to the wealthy suburb of Greenwich, Conn., and had two children. He got divorced and married his second wife, the fashion executive Stephanie Mikesell. They had two children and settled in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood (not bad). He kept a residence (great phrase) in (the wealthy suburb of) Greenwich and also owned a waterfront home on Nantucket.

 Mr. Madoff earned $29.3 million over his last eight years at the firm, according to a lawsuit filed against him by Irving L. Picard, the bankruptcy trustee seeking to recover money for the fraud’s victims.

He also benefited from his father’s bogus investment advisory business, taking at least $17 million more from his family’s accounts than he deposited, the lawsuit asserted.

In the complaint, filed in October 2009, Mr. Picard described Mr. Madoff’s compensation as “astronomical,” and accused him and his brother of being “completely derelict” in their duties and responsibilities at the firm.

Then again, maybe someone exacted their revenge on him:

According to the police reports, at about 4 a.m. on Saturday, Mr. Madoff sent two e-mails to his wife, Stephanie, who had taken their 4-year-old daughter to visit Disney World in Florida on Wednesday, Dec. 8, leaving their 2-year-old, Nicholas, in her husband’s care.  

One of his e-mails said, “Please send someone to take care of Nick.”
Another said: “I love you.”

The victim’s son was found unharmed in the apartment, as was the family’s dog, Grouper.

What kind of “caring” person leaves a 2-year old behind?  And, that’s a really short suicide note.  There was one other equally short note to…his lawyer (weird).  The note said “take care of my family” (I hope there isn’t any Pulp Fiction confusion about what that meant).  Leaving his 2-year-old child alone in the house?  Sending an email instead of calling to make sure she got the message (what if battery died, what if she got it wet on the log ride, what if she set it down at a snack bar, etc.).  You plan this thing when you’re not in charge of a child if you’re a decent human (or at least be sure someone got your “come get the kid” message, maybe someone in the same city…).
Either he was not a decent human being by any measure (in which case those kids are better off now) or maybe someone put the baby and the dog in a room and kill’t him.   I smell a mini-series.  Maybe even a movie.  Certainly an episode of Law & Order is already in the making. 

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