Pollution Makes Birds Gay

December 3, 2010 at 2:51 pm Leave a comment

Summary: Pollution makes birds gay (and possibly other animals, as well).  Ergo….if you are anti-gay, you need to be pro-environment.  And if you are pro-environment, you would not cast votes with the anti-science, anti-green, party that says pollution and climate change don’t affect us or don’t exist. 


Alan Boyle writes:A years-long study at the University of Florida suggests that mercury pollution can alter the hormones of white ibises to make males more likely to mate with other males.

“We knew that mercury can disrupt hormones — what is most disturbing about this study is the low levels of mercury at which we saw effects on hormones and mating behavior,” Peter Frederick, a wildlife ecology and conservation professor who led the study, said in a news release this week.

“This suggests that wildlife may be commonly affected.”

So if reducing pollution reduces gayfulness (sic) and you are against gay rights….then the best thing to do is to vote for Democrats!


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