4 bullies stomp a kid to death

November 13, 2010 at 10:52 pm Leave a comment

More from the bullying epidemic and from ‘when assholes have kids’:

Monique Rivarde’s son, 18-year-old Bobby Tillman, was killed Nov. 6, allegedly stomped to death by four teenagers in a random attack at a party in Douglasville, Ga., while nearly 100 others looked on.

And now, Rivarde says it’s her job to speak out so that nothing like this ever happens to any mother ever again.

Police say Tillman was simply walking toward the door when four teenagers he didn’t know jumped him. Tillman, who was only 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighed just 124 pounds, was punched, kicked and stomped to death as scores of teenagers looked on.


This certainly wasn’t these kids’ first act of bullying, but nothing was done.  How can kids expect to stop them when they’ve watched their teachers/administrators be afraid of handling the bullies in the school?  And where are the parents of these loser kids?  In denial or are they afraid of them, too.

It’s just too bad they didn’t do this in Texas.  This is a horrific and needless act of violence.  I think there should not be 1 less teen in the world today.  I think there should be 5 less teens.  I think this says it best:

If you come to Texas and kill somebody, we will kill you back. That’s our policy.

They’re trying to pass a bill right now through the Texas legislature that will speed up the process of execution in heinous crimes where there’s more 3 credible eyewitnesses.

If more than 3 people saw you do what you did, you don’t sit on death row for 15 years…you go straight to the front line.

— Ron White (Blue Collar Comedy Tour)

Way more than 3 people saw it.  It’s especially heinous. 

Georgia does have the death penalty.  But…they don’t use it.  Since 1976, they have killed 39 people.  In that same time period, Texas has killed 357. 

And Texas has 413 more who have been given the death penalty and are waiting on Death Row. 

In the meantime, here are 4 names we should commit to memory, in case we see them.  Here are the names of 4 cowards who are so gutless that the FOUR of them figured the biggest kid that they could handle was a 5′ 6″ kid to kill. 

Quantez Devonta Mallory, 18, Horace Damon Coleman, 19, Emanuel Benjamin Boykins, 18, and Tracen Lamar Franklin, 19, have all been charged with murder


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